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18 July 20149 Comments by Jon M

Another bumper payback season

giffgaff payback june 2014

Giffgaff remit payback payments every six months in December and June. The latest payback period ran from December 2013 to May 2014 and the budget virtual network just released the latest statistics from their most recent payout. Payback is their way of providing mutual returns to their members that they have been doing since they first launched. This time the total paid out was over £2.4 million!

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Giffgaff market themselves as “the network run by you”. This means that they go to significant efforts to solicit feedback from their users and also reward users for helping out in their community forms. They save money by relying on users as the front-line customer support. And the forums are filled with useful members willing to help out with minor issues such a APN settings or activating a SIM card.

In return for their work, Giffgaff rewards helpful users with payback – money that they can choose to receive either as airtime credit, cold hard cash or as a charitable donation. Keeping in theme, Giffgaff allow its members to choose the charities each payback period and match all the contributions with their own donation.

Payback is processed every six months in June and December and, as Giffgaff has grown as a network, the amount of people helping out has grown massively as has the amount of money paid back to the community. We’ve been carefully charting Giffgaff’s paybacksince the first payments went out back in June 2010.

We put together the graph below keep track of Giffgaff’s payback payments so far. What do you think will happen to the trend in the future?

giffgaff payback june 2014 graph

When the network first started, the total payback given out was only £27,000. But it soon reached a quarter of a million and by May 2012, Giffgaff had massively expanded and payouts hit over £1 million for the first time. The graph got even steeper over the next year or so before levelling off just below £2.5 million where it is right now.

They have also been giving more and more to charity. In 2011, after Giffgaff doubled the amounts, donations were about £15,000. And in the last twelve months generous users have contributed over £50,000 to charity which Giffgaff have doubled again. Overall, over £200,000 has been even away in total.

Giffgaff’s CEO Mike Fairman has also revealed that members such as uzzyy have earned about £20,000 a year from working with the network. The top earner regularly makes over £10,000 every six months.

For more information, check out this cool infographic. But to summarise, Giffgaff stats also show that members from London earn over £1 million every payback period with the West Midlands not far behind and the North West of England making almost £1.6 million! If you’d like to earn payback too you should get involved and sign up to a Giffgaff account.

Ordering a SIM card to get started is completely free. You also get £5 free credit to start you off and you will be able to start earning as soon as your activate your SIM card. You don’t even need to use it – just having an active SIM qualifies you to get payback payments!

Are you a Giffgaff customer already? How much payback did you earn this time round? And what’s your best guess for the total paid out next time in December?

9 Responses to “Another bumper payback season”

  1. Ronnie 28 July 2014 at 03:23 Permalink

    Thank christ I’m off work this week.You are an owl :).
    You say neether,I say neither.Let’s call the whole giffgaff thing off.
    We will agree to disagree on this shall we?.
    I enjoy your website as a whole and have taken many pieces of advice and comparisons of phones,networks etc from it.
    We will chalk this up as a blip 😀

  2. Ronnie 28 July 2014 at 02:16 Permalink

    Bearing in mind,not all their mates are on giffgaff.
    Bearing in mind,I can earn £130 working an 8 till 12.30 shift on a Saturday.And have the rest of the day not being on a computer like some kudos hunter and money grabber.
    You don’t earn £130 dropping in now and again ,leaving a comment and it earns you £20 a month.You have to be on the GG site constantly,and like I said,people become obsessive with a few quid.Break the figures down and see if GG are literally throwing money away.You don’t get something for nothing.Do you really think there is nothing in it for GG?.The members are cheap labour for Giffgaff/O2/Telefonica.You don’t give away £2.4 million quid if there is not a huge profit to be made in doing so.They are probably making at least 5 times that not paying for call centre’s,staff and all the money that goes into running all that.It is a business after all.But you already know all this.
    I know you aim to be impartial,and you mention certain caveats.but these are buried under the Giff gaff is great comments from yourselves.As well as comments about opening an account and ordering sims.As these are highlighted I have no doubt these comments are direct links to Giffgaffs website.
    It then changes from Mobile Network Comparison to Giffgaff No Comparison.
    Ask yourself this.If Giffgaff did not have a payback system,would they still be as successful as they have been?.I think not,as they would sink into obscurity like a lot of MVNO’s.And just become another “option”.
    You have given your perspective on what you think of GG.Fair enough.
    I have given mine,albeit a very personal and different one.But as I have said,I have been there so I can give an honest opinion of it.Especially after 4.5 years.Where I saw the community crumble into farce.I am telling people how it is,because they have the right to know.
    Giffgaff own you as soon as you get your sim and contribute on the forums.And by that I mean as well as your hard earned cash,they have your personal free time for hours on end every day.Because people love the lure of “free” money.How free is it?.
    I chose to get out and actually tear myself away from a website,which takes up most of your time,and wears you down.
    Just thought I would give an alternative view of the “Peoples Network”.Just so people know it is not all a bed of roses.
    PS:Love your giffgaff advert.It’s so impartial 😉

    • Mobile Network Comparison 28 July 2014 at 02:29 Permalink

      Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different. But there must be a reason why hundreds of our readers are still voting them to be easily the highest-rated network on this site.

      But thanks for sharing a differing opinion. We don’t pretend that it’s not for everyone. But despite all the changes, lots of people have still decided they’ll stay as it’s their best option 🙂

      • Ronnie 28 July 2014 at 03:03 Permalink

        People rate it highly because of the very thing your blog is about.The payback.
        Truth is,as it is a budget arm of O2/Telefonica,you are going to get what you pay for.
        And that is Tier 3 data signal(very very poor),call dropping,unresponsive agents and poor quality(repetitive) advice from other members and an average of 2 outages a year.
        But people will put up with this, because the lure of the pot of gold at the end of the GG rainbow every 6 months is too much to give up.Or so they think.
        If you don’t read between the lines,then it’s no problem.
        You don’t stay with a network for four and a half years if you don’t think it is good value.
        But as a low user,my goodybags were a waste of minutes,texts and data every month.
        Hence the switch to 3.How much money do you suppose they make out of surplus minutes,texts and data on their goodybags?.
        Yeah,it is good value for many,including myself(or at least I thought so for a time).
        I just got sick of all the community baggage,time wasted on forums and poor signal that came with it.
        All for £2.50 a week payback.

  3. Ronnie 27 July 2014 at 23:45 Permalink

    Yep,before I left Giffgaff,I received £130.
    I earned this by participating in Help and Support,Ideas section and Contribute.
    I also introduced people to the network,in which I received £5.
    Is it worth it?.Depends really.
    In order to achieve a decent payback,you would need to spend half your day minimum on their forums,answering the same questions over and over again.As well as putting up with inane threads like “Good Morning”,”Good Night” “I’m Bored”(Yeah so was I Love),”Yay,I’ve ranked up”,”Where do you live” Etc etc etc,you get the picture.Sycophancy was rife,as was Report Monkeys who all seemed to live and “Let’s Talk In My Shed”.If you questioned “The Shedders” mentality,then they went to their friends The Educators,and reported you so you would get banned.
    The amount of my old gaffer friends I saw leaving went into dozens,because the Community became an absolute farce and too much like a creche.If you want to see what I am rambling about,tune into the thread Let’s Talk In My Shed”.
    It will leave you bewildered,I promise.

    On the other hand,if you have no life and would like to start a new obsession of reading pure drivel for minimum of 12 hours a day.And best of all get paid for it.Then “The Community” is just right for you.
    Me?.I switched to The 321 PAYG tariff and got better value for money,better signal and,more importantly,my life back.
    The friends I introduced?.They have all left.
    Oh the irony!!!.
    Sorry guys at MNC,but you are beginning to look like an advertising board for Giffgaff.Seems to be a lot of “Giffgaff is great” stuff going on.
    I do not mean to offend you all,but the whole GG thing is getting out of control on here.They are not all you are cracking them up to be.
    Been there,done it,drank the cola and wore the t-shirt.
    And it left a bad taste in the mouth.Which is pretty evident.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 28 July 2014 at 01:16 Permalink

      We are impartial and haven’t praised Giffgaff any more than any other network. In fact, you’ll see plenty of critical posts and comments from us on here (probably more than any other network).

      The simple fact is though that lots of people think that earning £130 payback more than makes up for the state of the forums and the free calls to their mates who are still on the network mean that it still ends up significantly cheaper than 321.

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