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Use this comparison site to pick the best and cheapest mobile phone network in the UK

24 May 20111 Comment by Jon M

Coverage maps for every network

We’ve collated the coverage and signal details from all the mobile networks so you can see compare network coverage percentages in one single place. Our simple table tells you at-a-glance which networks have the best 3G coverage and also gives details of 2G signal for every single network. We even worked out which network’s masts all the virtual networks use and have published coverage maps for every single UK network so you can search by postcode to find out how good a mobile signal you can get. Let us know how you get on with it!

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  1. mr k turner 22 February 2016 at 18:32 Permalink

    Hello I’ve been with three for about a year now and the last 3 months with a windows phone previously I was with android anyway with both servers my signal strength has never been great customer services are always friendly the poor reception is probably down to me living in a built-up area.I’m going to have to change provider as they said they cant help me with my current Phone and I should change it this is ridiculous because when bought my Lumia 640 xl it came with three sim so obviously was intended to be used together.well ive lost patience with them but who do I change to ive been trying figure it out and this is proving to be difficult
    Finally if signal boosters were legal I’d definitely buy one maybe you have some helpful advice it would be appreciated.

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