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04 January 20161 Comment by Jon M

Doro Releases the Anywhere SIM


Swedish company Doro has focussed on senior citizens as their primary market niche. They have developed a range of phones and services to meet the needs and demands of the older user. The company holds numerous international awards in recognition of its product designs and innovations and today is the global market leader in the category, telecom for seniors.

Doro’s PhoneEasy 508 handset will be sold as part of a bundle with their Anywhere SIM Lite for £30 which will include the handset, SIM card and a mandatory £60 top-up. The package offers a national roaming service which gives users access to the strongest cellular signal wherever they may be as it switches between EE, Vodafone and O2.

The PhoneEasy 508 is designed to be easy to use, but it also has life-saving applications like built-in emergency assistance features. The assistance feature sends SMS messages to up to 5 emergency numbers with a single press of the emergency button. The phone is extremely light with a dedicated torch and comfortably sized buttons. Another potentially life-saving feature is ICE (In Case of Emergency) which allows you to store all your medical information in one place for quick retrieval in case of emergency or trauma.

This is an attractive package for senior users with the benefit of good cell phone reception anywhere in the UK. Would you use it or recommend it to older friends and relatives?

One Response to “Doro Releases the Anywhere SIM”

  1. Ronnie 5 January 2016 at 20:13 Permalink

    My mum and dad have Doro’s,and after having a little go of them,they are absolutely brilliant.
    The call clarity is by far the best I have encountered,no joke.
    People will say “yeah,but it needs to be for the old folks”
    Maybe,but I’m talking overall and not just the volume on them.
    If you are looking for a just call and text phone,maybe for a back up,then I recommend a Doro.Just look past the big button thing as really,it’s not that big a deal.So to speak 🙂
    I hate taking my smartphone out on my mountain bike,as I’m out for hours on end,the battery drains and well,it’s expensive.
    I’m going to pick up a Doro for myself,as the reception on them are great,and if in trouble in the wilderness,I will bet anything that I will get a signal.

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