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12 April 20120 Comments by Jon M

Giffgaff sponsors The Big Bang Theory

Pure energy coalescing into elementary particles at gazillions of degrees Celsius, superluminal hyperexpansion, quark soup, the first proton synthesis followed by helium fusion, the first photons and, all the while, unavoidable entropic cooling.

The beginning of our universe, especially the first three minutes, is fascinating yet ridiculously complicated. And now there’s a new beginning for our top-rated mobile network. Giffgaff, like the early universe, is undergoing rapid expansion and now they have branched into TV advertising starting off with geek-humour show The Big Bang Theory and five-a-day-a-like Rude Tube, both broadcast online and on E4.

While these might be both pretty low-brow shows, they will certainly massively increase brand awareness for the mobile network that claims to be run by its members. Giffgaff head of brand and proposition Tom Rainsford said:

Our TV debut is a very exciting step for us as a young and ambitious brand. Giffgaff brings a unique offering to the mobile sector and has built a thriving community that spans all age groups, but we’re always looking for new ways to reach different audiences.

and there’s no denying that what we’ve seen of the advertising campaign so far is a lot of fun for viewers. The advertising agency Albion was commissioned to produce the adverts and came with a very appropriate short for The Big Bang Theory ads. the sponsored videos for Rude Tube our satirical takes on popular viral videos and The Big Bang Theory ads will consist of things being exploded – who doesn’t enjoy that? The first one was a massive cake celebrating Giffgaff’s 100,000 likes on Facebook. Check out the ad yourself below and let us know what you think about it:


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