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16 April 20122 Comments by Jon M

O2 finally offers an unlimited tariff

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s Full Monty offering, O2 have announced a new tariff that includes both unlimited calls and unlimited texts. Called the On & On tariff, it starts from only £26 a month.

However, unlike 3 and T-Mobile, the tariff does not include an unlimited data allowance. O2 have long been infamous for having the most miserly inclusive data packages, and they claim that 1GB is a very large amount. We’re finding go that more and more smart phone users need much more than 1 GB to last them through the month. An additional gigabyte will cost you £5 on the plan. Luckily, O2 do tend to send regular text updates on how much of your data allowance you’ve used so far so it should be easier to keep within your limits.

Despite this, O2 is surely hoping to win over plenty of new and existing customers to this competitive new tariff. The unlimited calls can be made to any UK mobile or landline number and unlimited texts can be sent to any UK number too.

Sally Cowdry, director of marketing and consumer at O2 said:

On & On gives our customers the most value we’ve ever offered in a Pay Monthly tariff. Whether they’re choosing to stay with us or joining O2 for the first time, they’ll be able to talk and text as much as they like, while enjoying the internet on their mobile absolutely worry-free. And only O2 has the added value benefits of priority access to 4000 acts a year with Priority Tickets and everyday offers and discounts with Priority Moments.

What you think of this new unlimited tariff from O2? Would you be tempted to sign up for it? And which is your favourite of all the unlimited plans currently available – O2’s On & On, T-Mobile’s Full Monty, 3’s All-You-Can-Eat or Giffgaff’s incredible goodybags?

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2 Responses to “O2 finally offers an unlimited tariff”

  1. Daniel 18 April 2012 at 09:46 Permalink

    1GB For such a plan is extremely small. They started hype over this plan on facebook and when people noticed that it was only 1GB they started making comments (Not bad ones) Yano what o2 did? deleted the whole post and reposted it.

    Whoever signs up for this tariff is a fool. and is wasting money especially since t-mobile now have the full monty plan on 30 Day sim only for same price.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 18 April 2012 at 11:28 Permalink

      We completely agree. O2 have always been tight with data allowances but for an otherwise-unlimited plan, this is ridiculous. They need to upgrade their infrastructure, not punish smartphone users.

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