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07 November 20126 Comments by Jon M

Ovivo slashes free allowances

ovivo mobile logoA couple of months ago, Ovivo slashed its free allowances from 200 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB of data every month to 50 minutes, 50 texts and only 100 MB. This has now been increased again with the allowances doubled to 100 minutes, 100 texts and 200MB of mobile internet. Additionally, the initial top-up required is now £10 up from £5. You do get this amount as useable credit but it’s another irritating barrier to entry for potential customers.

When we first covered Ovivo Mobile, many said it was too good to be true and couldn’t possibly last. That’s unfortunately turned out to be the case.

While many are understandably upset about the changes, it’s probably necessarily to ensure the longevity of the network. There have been accusations of bait-and-switch and that the add-on packs provide poor value for money compared to other MVNOs. But, by increasing the limits again after the severe cut, Ovivo have demonstrated a commitment to maximising the benefits for their customers without jeopardising themselves in the long-run.

It must be said that the add-on packs are not great deals if you compare them to what’s offered by other networks, but Ovivo are carving out a loyal following and their BlackBerry tariff is rather interesting. Ovivo have also launched referral bonuses for getting friends on Ovivo too and loyalty bonuses. Only time will tell whether they can keep it up and maintain enough customers and advertisers to become a more mainstream prospect.

What’s your take? Where next for Ovivo Mobile? Will they be able to keep up their momentum in light of these quite drastic cuts or does it prove that the ad-supported model is still not viable? We hope to put some questions to their CEO Dariush Zand soon so if you have any pressing questions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get the answers from him.


6 Responses to “Ovivo slashes free allowances”

  1. Job CF 6 March 2013 at 04:39 Permalink

    I got an email few days ago. Apparently Ovivo increased free allowances to
    150 minutes
    150 Texts
    400 MB Mobile Internet

  2. Joe 11 January 2013 at 16:16 Permalink

    Well, after umming and arring for a while, I ported over a couple of weeks ago.
    The port was painless and the 100/100 allows me plenty. I mainly use Touch/Whatsapp/GoSMS so the (now) 300Mb is plenty enough. I do wish them success.
    My daughter (whose been on Ovivo since June) pointed at the “Pay Monthly” sign in Tesco last week and said “Ha Ha Daddy do people actually pay to use their phone then?”
    We love it!

  3. ioscorpio 5 December 2012 at 23:45 Permalink

    The data allowance has just increased to 300MB and according to their Twitter page “new forms of advertising to be introduced in the Spring ’13”

    • Mobile Network Comparison 11 January 2013 at 16:17 Permalink

      Yeah, we noticed that too. There’s definitely going to be some special announcements this year. Keep an eye out on our blog as we’ve been talking to Dariush and hope to reveal all here 🙂

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