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Vodafone is a mobile network that was launched on 1 January 1985 but did not introduce its well-known Speechmark logo until 1997. The name Vodafone stands for voice data fone and it operates in over 30 countries. In fact, Vodafone is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company measured by revenues and the world’s second-largest measured by subscribers. In 2010, it had about 341 million proportionate subscribers and a turnover of over £44 billion while it employed 85,000 people.

Unfortunately, Vodafone has recently attracted criticism for its tax avoidance in the UK where it has refused to pay about £6 billion of tax owed to the British Government. Vodafone have also admitted assisting the corrupt totalitarian government of Hussain Mubarak in Egypt as he violently attempted to crush the popular uprising. Shamelessly, they then attempted to claim responsibility for the revolution in an advert.

In April 2001, Vodafone made its first 3G voice call in the UK and it current covers about 93% of the UK with its 3G network. Its infrastructure is also used to run the virtual network ASDA Mobile.

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Vodafone review

Vodafone have been running for ages and must have been doing something right to become the world’s largest mobile operator. This success largely has not resulted in complacency although their customer service is not always amazing even for big-spending customers. Having said that, their call centres are based in the UK. Vodafone’s prices are fairly average and they offer tempting “freebees” when you top up.

Vodafone don’t have the best 2G coverage in some areas but are improving all the time and their 3G network is amongst the best available in the UK. Their PAYG call and text charges are reasonable for a main network and they have a strong high street presence. The Freedom Packs do seem excellent value for money when you can get over £50 worth of texts and calls for only £10 but remember that most virtual networks offer even better deals as standard.

To conclude, they have decent prices, tempting offers and a solid service but check the coverage and whether you can do better elsewhere before switching.

PAYG Pricing

At a glance

Calls: 30pTexts: 14p Data: £1/day (25MB)MMS: 36p0800: 14p0870: 14p


Vodafone’s PAYG tariff is fairly standard with call charges at 30p and texts priced at 14p each. (As of 14th July 2011, Vodafone massively increased their prices to 25p/minute for calls and 12p for each text making them one of the most expensive networks in the UK). Disgracefully, freephone 0800 numbers are 14p/minute to call (although commendably certain charity numbers are completely free) although picture messages are quite expensive at 36p each.

While Vodafone doesn’t appear to stand out in any way at first, it does offer several “Freebees” to make its PAYG packages more cost effective. These give you bonuses every time you top up and also allow you to get free calls and texts when you spend your credit during the week. Their Freedom Freebee boosters also allow you to buy a month’s worth of minutes and texts for a cut price.


Internet usage on Vodafone PAYG is very expensive with a £1 minimum charge for every day you use any data at all. However, if you browse the web regularly, you can save money with a £5 Web Pack. It lasts 30 days and gives you a 250MB allowance. Not great value but certainly better than the alternative. To buy it, simply text “WEB1” to 2345, call 2345 or activate it through your online My Vodafone account.

The best deal on Vodafone is the Freedom Freebee Packs – they are available in £10, £20, £30 and £40 amounts. For example, the £10 pack gives you 150 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of internet while the £30 pack provides you with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts plus and 1GB of web access (usually costing much more).

If you want to try an alternative, get the Weekend Freebee by topping up at least £5 on Monday to Friday to get 100 free minutes and unlimited texts over the weekend. There’s also the International Freebee to get 60 international minutes for a £10 top-up or 240 international minutes for adding £30 of credit.

As for the Text and Web Freebee that gives you free texts and data allowance every time you top up. For example, by buying £10 worth of credit, you get an additional 300 texts and 500MB of internet data. If you top-up £30, you get a huge 3000 free texts and the 500MB on top of your £30 credit.

Price comparison

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2G coverage: 99%3G coverage: 97%4G coverage: 68%

Coverage map

Please see the our Vodafone coverage page to learn the network coverage in your area. For more information, compare it with other mobile phone networks’ coverage.


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Vodafone, 3.3 out of 5 based on 103 ratings
by Jon M

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  1. Rosemarie 21 May 2017 at 10:44 Permalink

    I have been a Vodafone customer for 13 years. I trusted Vodafone as everything was great for tye first few years.then last year I noticed my bill almost doubled.I phoned Vodafone and they knew it was not right and sorted it. I then started to look back all my bill. To my shock for about 5 years they had been charging me for things I used or had. I contacted them and was basically shouted at by customer services, I was trying to explain where and when it all started but he would not listen. For months I was neve off the phone as I would ask for copies of my bills that I did not have, was give the run around for almost 5 months. I then said I would pay no more and and was going to ombudsman to get it resolved. I was not owe them money but they cut my phone off and told me I would get it back on when they had requested paperwork that they had to get back within theor own company. A man named omar in customer resolutions team blatantly lied to me on the phone and he and his senior left me on hold for almost an hour for no reason. All this resulted in bank charges even affecting my credit scoreand was paying for a phone contract that they turned off.luckily I had all the evidence to prove that they had been over charging me. They then offered me me £357. Off my bill but I was never even owe that money in the first place so all they were doing was correcting their mistakes. I spent 7 months having to get it sorted some days I would have to call 5 or 6 times as they would say yes sort it now then wasn’t. For all the hassle and stress of being lied to almost every day for 7 months having no phone and credit score affected. They offered me nothing. They said as a good will gesture they would wipe the bill that I never owed them. That was only for last year. I will now be going back to ombudsman with all my evidence of bills bank statements of when it started 5 as I never got the past bills resolved. Feel totally let down by a company I had been with 13 years and was treated in a discussing manner through it all. Can definitely say I won’t be renewing my contact and wI’ll be not recommending them to friends and family

  2. Steve Simpson 10 September 2016 at 10:36 Permalink

    Adequate coverage, Customer Service absolutely awful.
    Took money for 2 phones which they failed to deliver and cancelled order without informing us. Took 3 months and several discussions with Customer Service to finally get money back – continually failed to deliver on promises. Leaving and never going back.

  3. mark 1 September 2016 at 17:45 Permalink

    I went into Eltham vodafone and spoke to Luke the manager, I told him I was going into hospital for a month to have an operation, I wanted a tablet with data access to view the European football championships were just about to start, he lied to me he sold me a tablet with 10G of data. When I went into hospital I watched 3 games and I had used up my data allowance, so I had just had major surgery the data on my phone had ran out too, I am with vodafone for that as well. I put £50 of credit on my phone thinking that will see me through for the next month. Apparently all my credit was used up in 25 hours!!!. I spoke to vodafone to explain what had happened and I was told that a mistake had occurred and I would be credited with £38 after 3 days of waiting with no credit I phoned the customer services again, explaining what had happened and that I would be credited with £38. I was then told I had used up all my credit WOULD I like to top up again, I had no option I had to. Customer service lead a lot to be desired. I went back to Eltham today to try to get the refund for my tablet. I was told it was over a month ago and I would not get it. Furious being lied to does not happen often to me. I then said to them I had had enough and was changing network for my pay as you go phone, so I asked them to unlock my phone(which was bought there) I was told they don’t do that here. I have just paid £15 to have my phone unlocked. Please please please stay away from vodafone

  4. Toni Miskimmin 21 June 2016 at 17:06 Permalink

    I had the worst experience with Vodafone. I had a contract over 2 years ago with them wich ended after 24 months in February. I was sent an email telling me in February i was to pay my final bill. I assumed this was the end of it, only to notice in May 31st I did not have enough money for my rent as Vodafone had been taking out bills for the last 3 months.
    After ringing them that day I was passed around to at least 8 different people after being promised by the first person due to the fact i was unaware of the fact you must cancel your contract 30 days before it is due to finish or you will keep getting charged. I thought this was great and was passed around until we found someone who could actually do this. They told me this would take 2-3 days which was too late for my rent due the next day. They then said get the money refunded immediately by the bank and we would look into it and sort the refund with the bank.
    I was delighted and got the money back from the bank absolutely no problem and was able to pay my rent. I then noticed an email from them on 21st June to say I owed them 4 months worth of bills. When I rang them up they denied that i was told i could get a refund and that due to terms and conditions i would not get my money back. I explained i had received an email in February saying it was my final bill they went to look for it and came back after a very long hold to say they conveniently couldn’t find it so i had to pay them the money. he mentioned that i could pay the money over 3 or 4 months. After i told them this was unacceptable as i had already been told the refund was good to go they just quoted their term and conditions to me and refused to listen to my plight. They didn’t have any sympathy for the fact I am a single mother who is scraping by and because of them I will now very possibly face living on the street due to being unable to pay rent or buy food for my 7 month old baby or myself. They had no care and said it was no fault of theirs.
    They went on to say they could take just 30 off the bill, which is not even one bills worth. I accepted as the guy wouldn’t listen and said there was no-one else i could speak to. He then said did i want to set up a payment plan and i said yes because i knew i had no other choice. I was then asked for my card details and when i asked why they said they needed to take 3/4 of it today. I didn’t have the money and with no way to get it they said the debt department would deal with it but refused to help e get in contact with that department. they said someone would be in contact somehow but he didn’t know how or when it would be left. I was forced to leave it there and now have debt on my account simply because i was unaware i had to cancel my contract when it was finished. Please no-one go near them. They will mislead and lie to you to get money. They are cheats and liars and just terrible customer service all round.

    • ANDREW WRIGHT 8 July 2016 at 10:21 Permalink

      Go to to the ombudsman straight away

    • JVM 1 August 2016 at 11:15 Permalink

      I am having bad experience with Vodafone billing. They charged me wrongly for a call made on 9th April. I have talked to them at least 5 times. Every time they promise me that the refund is processed. But it does not get credited to my account. It is frustrating to keep calling them every time I receive a bill & do not see the credit. Vodafone is worst in handling their own billing mistakes.

  5. phani 17 June 2016 at 18:31 Permalink

    Vodafone is utilizing the recovery agents where they are using the abusive language to recover the outstanding amount.
    we didnt pay bcoz we had a doubt when we have not utilized their services then why should we pay and more over i had question about their charges and asked them the explanation .

    They failed to explain me properly and using the abusive language to recover only 700rs from me and total bill was for 1400 rs so i have asking them why should i pay remaining 700 when i have not utilized , they are not answering that question but instead they are using the abusive language to recover the amount .

    Are you providing the service or something else and in what way you are treating the customers and we have filed police case for using the abusive language and we want file case againse vodafone as well . we are ready to proceed further if i dont get proper explanation and written sorry letter from you guys

    • Ronnie 17 June 2016 at 19:40 Permalink

      What exactly are you talking about ?
      MNC can’t do anything about it,so why are you asking them.
      Ya Phani

  6. v 31 May 2016 at 12:16 Permalink


    I and my family have been long standing (20+ years) loyal customers of Vodafone and finally, we are leaving.


    1. When you are interested in buying a service, Vodafone are great to deal with, they suddenly become your best friends. BUT when you actually do need any help Vodafone is possibly the worst people to deal with. They will not solve your problems, but actually take your time up and then you will find random text messages which you then have to recall Vodafone about to waste more time trying to rectify because you are scared that they have charged you for something.

    2. Coverage is poor and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. In certain areas there is not a problem, but in my house (i live in the City) the coverage is non-existent and i have to go outside to make a call. So I called Vodafone (again remember i have been with the company for a very long time) and asked if they can send me a signal booster box as i do not get any reception. They said it would be chargeable and it would be cheaper for me to source one from a non-Vodafone shop. They don’t really care as whatever happens I still have to pay my contract.

    3. HIDDEN CHARGES and INABILITY TO LEAVE! –> One of the family mobile contracts had recently come to an end so I requested the PAC code (which they tried so hard not to give) and transferred the number over to Virgin mobiles. Vodafone agreed to unlock the handset as the contract had ended. However they didn’t do this properly and the Virgin Mobile was unable to be registered with the handset. Finally after around 20 phonecalls and 3 weeks without a mobile phone, Vodafone managed to sort it. All was going well with Virgin Mobile, when suddenly we all started receiving texts from Vodafone saying:
    – “you have turned off content control. If you change your mind log-in to vodafone and update yor settings”
    – “you have removed the spending limit for using the internet abroad. To limit your spend again, text CAP to 40209 or log-onto Vodafone and change your settings”

    I can tell you that no one had made any changes to any of these settings, Vodafone has made changes and have accused us of these changes.

    The worst part is, that now, myself and the rest of my family are unable to phone the number which has now been registered with Virgin Mobile AND the familiy member can’t make a phone call out from her Virgin Mobile either! So not only has Vodafone messed around with our current Vodafone contracts, but has interfered with a number that has already left Vodafone and has nothing to do with Vodafone anymore.

    I contacted Vodafone, they said it should get working in around 1 week!! No apologies, no care, they said that this can happen when you move your number from Vodafone to another provider.

    It is an absolute disgrace. Vodafone took 3 weeks to unlock the phone so that we ca transfer over to Virgin. And now Vodafone have interfered and that Virgin Mobile has been affected where no calls can be received or made.

    So i have decided to finally move my family away from Vodafone’s awful service and disgusting customer service.

    Where to go?
    Virgin Mobile seems to be pretty good, EE seems the biggest, O2 are still kicking… 3 probably has the best customer service who are always polite and who do their best to help, but not too sure about their coverage. BUT whatever you do and wherever you go, don’t bother with Vodafone.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 31 May 2016 at 12:43 Permalink

      Thanks for such an in-depth view of the customer experience and sorry you had such difficulties. Please do let us all know how you get on with your new provider.

  7. Mal 24 May 2016 at 17:38 Permalink

    First issue – major security breach. Never followed up investigated or resolved. No response whatsoever – radio silence. Second issue- suppose it data leakage. Checked my app and had 4GB of data remaining t that morning, was in work and only listened to spotify on way home from work. No way I could have used all data up. They suggested data leakage and to have handset checked (which I did). Guess what? No issues with handset. Phoned to challenge *SEVERAL* times. Cut off, fobbed off and no further on. Fed up being passed around and having to tell 20 people the same story. Just stalling tactics. Was supposed to get call back next day and i’m still waiting two weeks later. Just found out he never bothered escalating it.
    And now? Bill has jumped to £50 for no reason whatsoever. Supposed to be half that. Still have data and everything else unlimited, so no reason for this. Losing the plot.

  8. ANDREW WRIGHT 17 April 2016 at 10:04 Permalink


    Before buying the Galaxy S7 I asked 2 separate online customer advisers if the S7 worked with wifi calling at this time and they both assured me that it did and tried very hard to get me to sign up through each of them but I said I was going to think about it. The next day I decided to buy online and collect at my local store.Once at the store I asked the staff member to confirm the s7 will work with wifi calling now and he also assured me that it did, great can you set the phone up so it will work for me when I get home. Before leaving the store I again asked that the phone had been set to work with wifi calling and he said it had.Once home I discovered that it had no option for wifi calling so I called customer services and they said the S7 does not work with wifi calling.So 3 different Vodafone staff members either gave wrong information or lied to me to get a sale.Back at the store was a nightmare…the same staff member ( assistant manager) thought it was acceptable to shout at me at the top of his voice in front of other customers that he hadn’t told me it would work with wifi calling, after reminding him of our earlier conversation when I bought the phone he again shouted in front of a shop full of customers ..WHO ON EARTH BUYS A PHONE WITHOUT KNOWING HOW IT WORKS!! very intimidating..I left the store and called customer services to complain but they wasn’t interested saying they could only put it on my notes so I wrote a letter and posted it to the address on their website recorded delivery but they didn’t even acknowledge my letter or reply. After making several requests I finally received a returns bag and have now cancelled my contract and sent their phone back.NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE VODAFONE AND I HOPE IF YOU’RE READING THIS VODAFONE YOU SHOULD HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME …….IF YOU CAN BE BOTHERED THAT IS.

  9. Natalie Davis 1 April 2016 at 11:37 Permalink

    I wish I could go back to EE but I’m locked into expensive contracts with vodafone. They won’t give me the data I’m paying for and won’t listen to me when I complain. The last time I complained they sent my account login details to strangers. So now I’m too scared to complain again. I really wish I could leave now. Vodafone are THIEVES.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 15 April 2016 at 15:45 Permalink

      This is why we always recommend against long contracts! Good luck to you though 🙂

      • Ronnie 30 May 2016 at 17:37 Permalink

        The choices for cheap PAYG tariffs is endless.
        MVNO’s are practically falling over each other to give you the best prices.
        And still people are taken in by the impatient need for the latest phone.
        Invest in an unlocked phone,take the short term financial hit and reap the benefits in no time.

  10. Rebecca G 16 December 2015 at 20:37 Permalink

    I am absolutely seething with rage at Vodafone right now.

    I have 2 contracts with them and have been a customer for many years. Just before Christmas last year, we pretty much lost our signal at our home address. I contacted Vodafone multiple times about this but they wouldn’t accept that there was a problem and suggested I buy a Sure Signal box at a cost of £100. I was pretty unimpressed and vowed to cancel the contracts as soon as I was able. Other people in our house are on EE and O2 and have no signal problems.

    So, the first contract is now available to cancel and I duly rang last Sunday to do this and the guy I spoke to was lovely. Told me I was a VIP customer because I’d been with them so long and he would offer me a great deal to stay. I totally fell for it. What an idiot I was.

    He offered me a fabulous deal including a brand new iphone and a Sure Signal Box free of charge and it would all be delivered on Tuesday. I was very happy and more than satisfied.

    But, alas, it was not to be. When I didn’t get a text notification on Tuesday with the delivery time, I checked online to discover that my order had been cancelled and an email confirmation sent to to confirm this. No email was sent. In fact, Vodafone didn’t contact me at all.

    I got on their online chat, and after about 30 minutes, someone promised to speak to their boss to reinstate the order which had been cancelled due to ‘technical’ reasons and that I would receive a text later.

    No text arrived so I got on the online chat for the second time and after a couple of transfers they decided they had to call me. No signal, remember?? I did eventually get them to call me on the landline and they put me on hold and, after driving home for Christmas with Chris Rea for the tenth time, they cut me off.

    Blood pressure rising, I tried online chat again only to come up against a brick wall. No one could explain the technical issues that led to my order being cancelled and no one knew how to reinstate it.

    After two and a half hours, I gave up and they told me to try agaian the next day. Then, out of the blue, the very first person I spoke to on online chat text me and told me the phone would be delivered the next day. Between 8 and 6.

    I waited in. Again. No phone. No Sure Signal Box. No communication from Vodafone and not one sign of an apology to which I am now surely entitled.

    So, I ventured into the miserable world of online chat with them again. They came up with the same bullsh*t excuses and still couldn’t explain what had happened and said it was possible they could reinstate the order but it was going to take 3-5 days to process this before they could start.

    I can get a new phone from EE or O2 straight away. I really don’t need to be treated like this by Vodafone. I am indescribably fed up with this multi-million pound company’s complete inability to process an order.

    I am, of course, going to cancel both my contracts. I have had multiple contracts with Vodafone for over a decade and I will never deal with them again. I can’t believe they have treated me this way but reading other reviews makes me realise I am far from alone in this.

    I’m going to share my experience with Vodafone on every site I can find.

  11. Kavita 12 December 2015 at 16:14 Permalink


    • Kavita 12 December 2015 at 16:15 Permalink

      Vodafone is so bad.!!!

      • Pravi 16 March 2016 at 12:50 Permalink

        Worst service provider in the world

  12. andy bache 12 December 2015 at 16:14 Permalink

    Been waiting over a week now for my number to be changed to a new sim, several visits to voda shop, several calls to there customer services and still they have not done it. All i get is give it another 24hours. The worst service i’ve ever had. Very stressfull. Avoid vodafone at all costs. Thick as bricks

  13. Claire 3 December 2015 at 15:22 Permalink

    I have experienced constant problems via my account as well as my partner’s account with Vodafone.

    It started with charging us monthly paper billing. Every month we would opt out and every month they would charge us for paper billing anyway. They would take the charges off, assure us that it wouldn’t happen again, even gave us credit on our next bill for the constant running around, but this problem has yet to cease 16 months into our 24 month contract. We are always having to go back and forth with them to take the billing off.

    When we decided we had had enough and wanted to leave (our phones had started to crash frequently by this date), they offered us an early upgrade. We agreed and for the past 3 days have spent hours and hours on the phone and via live chat to get the right phones sent out to us at the right location. At first they only managed to get one of our orders sorted. When we asked to get the other account sorted, they said the other would have to pay an early leaving charge. We refused and told them that they had already promised us an early upgrade so this was going against what they’d originally promised.

    When they finally agreed, they said that the new phone would be set up on the same account. We were promised a delivery the next day, but upon checking, there was no extra order placed on the account. Hours on the phone later, they promised it was sorted and would be sent to the correct address.

    This morning, we found out that the phone was NOT being sent to the correct address. AND once again they had deleted the other order. One phone arrived instead of two. Having been on the phone with Vodafone again today to fix this issue, we were told we were lying (despite our evidence of various Live Chat transcripts), but as a gesture of goodwill, they would send out the extra phone.

    We will see whether or not this problem has been fixed, but I have my doubts in all honesty. If you can’t flick a switch on a computer for 16 months to take off paper billing on two accounts, I don’t know why I expect you to be able to send out two phones instead of just one to the requested address.

  14. Risa Moody 20 November 2015 at 18:48 Permalink

    Reviewed by Risa Moody from UK on 20th Nov 2015
    After 30 years as a Vodafone customer I am horrified at the service I have received today – I have had dealings with at least 7 people in different departments – having to go through security every time and having to explain the issue each time – each representative having no prior knowledge. An awful couple of hours and live chat is worse!
    I have asked for my pac codes as it was really hopeless which will incur hefty early cancellation fees for two phones but what choice is there??
    Really disappointed.
    To add insult to injury I just checked back on my last live chat feed and Nosheen had actually written ‘enjoy’ with a smiley face after telling me I would need to pay £1,480,49 – disgusting!

  15. kevin 21 September 2015 at 15:40 Permalink

    I have been with Skodafone since the early days but over the years i have noticed a sharp drop in call quality, It has been getting worse and worse over the years with several different phones and in the last 2 years has become impossible to get a reception anywhere except London and major cities. Their service is diabolical with all sorts of excuses coming from their shops but nothing has improved. Now i run a EE phone as well but this works everywhere with no problem so clearly skodafone are to blame, so how do I go about challenging these parasites to give me all the data held about my phone number/call rate etc as im going to build a court case to find out exactly how bad they are, surely they should be paying me ???? as im paying £33 a month for calls i cannot make, data i cannot connect to.

    One extremely unhappy customer and yes as soon as my whole family’s contracts run out im leaving skodafone for good.
    Very highly un recommended.
    Do not sign up to these con artists who masquerade as Vodafone, there are other better fone companies that provide a far superior service.

  16. Mark Beaumont 14 September 2015 at 12:48 Permalink

    Incorrect billing. Charged my business account, for someone else phone number. Never got a refund. You ring them and you are on hold for 2/3 hours at a time. So, I have written to the Chairman three times. Jeroen Hoencamp. Each time I get a letter back asking me to ring them. Stupid pointless Company.
    Recently, cut my phones off for not paying the bill. Which they failed to collect via DD. Confirmed by the bank.
    After a 2.5 hour phone call, I realised that they have been billing me incorrectly. So. Unless I pay the bill. They will not realise my telephone numbers. But I am able to prove that the billing is incorrect. Utterly useless.

  17. Voda 8 September 2015 at 16:19 Permalink

    I can confirm that for the last 30 days vodafone has been able to handle most calls in 8.4 minutes and 96% of calls where able to be answered within 0-10 sec which is actuly better than all of the other provides

  18. Roxi 5 September 2015 at 19:08 Permalink

    Everyone, avoid Vodafone like the plague! I have had the worst experience I can ever recount – no one deserves to fall into their trap. After being polite and courteous for over 4 months I’ve decided enough is enough and to utterly shame them…

    Basically, so you understand where I’m coming from, I left them as a customer in July because of their poor and LACK OF service – I’d been a loyal customer for a few years and never had problems with them until now. I’d got a new phone and it needed a different type of sim card but wanted to keep the current number. So got a new sim, however after 9 sim changes and 3 reboots NONE of them worked (kept getting “Sim not provisioned MM#2” message whenever installing a new card). We checked in the store with a spare working sim (shop owner’s) in the phone, nothing was wrong with the phone so it was the sims I kept getting. Anyway, since I wasn’t able to use my phone for 3 months I asked for a total refund of those unused months, which I still have yet to see in my account. I got my PAC code and managed to move to another service provider.

    However the tale doesn’t end there…to add insult to injury, fast forward to yesterday where I received an email bill from Vodafone for £9.50…not only that but I discovered in my spam folder that they emailed a bill for £14.50 in August – checked my bank statement and sure enough it had left the account. Had to ring up the bank to stop the Direct Debit payments…now they owe me a total of £49.10 (this is for the 3 months of no service and last month’s charge when I’d already left).

    • Roxi 6 September 2015 at 15:27 Permalink

      Just so everyone knows, I finally managed to get in touch with Vodafone over the phone – they are processing my request for a refund so all should be okay by the end of the week. I have to call and check on Friday/Saturday to confirm if it is in the account (I presume the account I had with Vodafone before) then they can take my bank details to refund to my bank account.

      • Mobile Network Comparison 15 October 2015 at 19:48 Permalink

        Thanks for the update. Hope it got all sorted a long time ago 🙂

        • Roxi 15 October 2015 at 23:41 Permalink

          Unfortunately it didn’t get sorted. I couldn’t get in touch with them that weekend so I kept trying any time I could. Suddenly I got another bill about a week ago, I tried desperately to call them to talk about this as I was nearly in tears. When the phone calls failed though I went onto online Live Chat, after being passed from one person to the next the final person did finally find out what the problem was and it was bizarre…apparently when I left Vodafone with my PAC code I transferred across to 3 BUT I was still tied to Vodafone – so I’m essentially on two networks! The person there admitted she’d never seen this happen before, however she didn’t want to delete it in case it caused problems with the network – so she said to leave it with her and she’d put it through the porting process and I’d have all my money refunded. Fingers crossed folks!

          • Mobile Network Comparison 16 October 2015 at 01:03 Permalink

            Hope it finally works out for you. Did they give an ETA?

            • Roxi 17 October 2015 at 23:34 Permalink

              No they haven’t but if I end up with another bill from them, in the next month, I will be going to the ombudsman. I will have to contact Vodafone anyway to let them know what bank account to refund into (since I cut off my debit payments to them), so I’ll get in touch with them soon regarding that.

  19. Ryan 22 August 2015 at 03:46 Permalink

    Cancelled my services by mistake when they were cancelling my upgrade which they called a glitch. My account has been deleted and my number is gone. So far no service for four days and they just keep telling me to be patient while it’s reconnected. They’re giving me £10 for the inconvenience.

    Terrible company with the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They just lie continuously to get rid of you and never resolve issues. Have a giffgaff sim now and this experience has put me off the big networks. Don’t know if I’ll ever get my number back and they won’t let me leave my contract.

  20. Ben 14 August 2015 at 17:19 Permalink

    If you are considering taking a phone contract out with Vodafone, I urge you to think twice about this!!! I was lured in by their cheaper rates and promise to have great mobile network connection everywhere which quite frankly isn’t true.

    Ever since getting my phone contract with Vodafone 5 months ago, it has been nothing but a burden to me. For the first 2 months of my contract i was unable to make or receive calls or text messages which a massive pain! Since that has been fixed it has been my internet that is not working.

    I pay £35 a month for unlimited calls & texts and 6 GB of data with a HTC one M9. There has not been one point of my contract in which i have been able to use my phone to its full capabilities due to Vodafone’s poor network problems. I have spent close to 24 hours of my life over the past 5 months trying to sort out these problems. I have made over 100 calls to Vodafone’s customer support which isn’t support at all, been into the local shop over 15 times and nothing has been done! They are incredibly rude and do not help at all! No one has told me what is wrong with my account and nothing has been said about when it is going to be fixed.

    I have tried on many occasions to cancel my contract as they have broken the contract that i signed with them when i took it out but each time have been told i will have to pay in excess of £600 to cancel it which i will not do. I am now taking legal action against them to get this contract cancelled so i can go with a mobile operator that will provide me with what i am paying for.

    If you are reading this, I can’t stress this enough; DO NOT GET A MOBILE CONTRACT WITH VODAFONE!!!

  21. Antony Masters 24 June 2015 at 16:11 Permalink

    Only been with Vodafone for a week – not able to access or set up my on-line account as the wrong email was the ‘Username’ also they have two databases (one being C-Board/See-Board) and one wouldn’t show my number while the other wouldn’t show my account details. After speaking to the call-centre opps (four times) and two on-line ‘Live’ chats, still a problem and not able to set up or log in.

    Ask for PAK codes to move to EE. Phoned customer service for PAK codes, told have to go to the store to get them. At the store told have to phone customer service. ???? So, got the store to phone Vodafone customer service. One assistant couldn’t handle Vodafone’s own menu system, so gave up – got your store assistant manager to take over, he also had problems with Vodafone own call centre. in the end he spoken to 5 operators, and spent 45 mins on the phone. I was there for an hour to get PAK codes. It seems to be a problem that vodafone has two databases, and from reviewers who say they have been charged twice, the two databases could be why.

    Vodafone just have not got a system in place, and you will suffer if you go with them…

    • J Hardy 20 July 2015 at 13:59 Permalink

      So they do not like giving you a PAK code either, I was thinking of changing over to EE. Custoner satisfaaction does not apprea to be a priority with them.If you value your sanity,don’t use Vodafone.. The online chat is awful, get passed from one person to another and get info that is just rubbish half the time.You do get a helpful person sometimes but it is very rare.

  22. Antony Masters 24 June 2015 at 07:08 Permalink

    Vodafone UK, stop being total pants: get a ‘contact us’ system in place that works – an email would be good, this ‘live chat’ is b0ll0cks – talking to someone in India who doesn’t know how to fix the on-line issue…. you have a FAQ section which isn’t detailed nor cover a lot of real issues. Close the call centre in India, pay for some staff in the UK and spend the rest on a better on-line facilities for your customers. No point in spending a lot of money on your revamp stores with your after care service is PANTS…. 6 days & 4 calls to 191 since new contracts and still don’t have on-line account or an answer to why the login details don’t work.

  23. Nigel 9 April 2015 at 09:24 Permalink

    I have been a Vodafone customer for 10 years, I manage several accounts for my family and I have now moved all but 1 away from Vodafone and when that one expires I will also move that.

    Last month I received a bill for nearly £140 – my standard plan is £34 a month and includes unlimited calls and texts so this additional amount was for going over my 1Gb data allowance. The phone is my wifes and I immediately checked with her to see if she had received the text message notifications about approaching the data limit – she hadn’t, I switched the data off as she had already exceeded the next months allowance as well – pretty much rendering the phone useless outside the house for anything but making calls.
    At this point I would like to be clear – going over the data limit is my fault and I do not blame Vodafone although we should have received warnings which didn’t arrive – as Vodafone helpfully point out though their terms and conditions exempt them from any blame for not sending the warnings.
    As a long standing customer I approached Vodafone customer service – not easy by the way – the chat service was often unavailable, sending an email results in an immediate automated reply saying they are dealing with your complaint, followed 24 hours later by another email informing you that they cannot deal with complaints via email for security reasons and refer you back to the chat. You could phone but I prefer a written record when complaining or dealing with customer services.
    The first time I contacted customer services I had an online chat with Katie – Katie read my issues and then tried to up sell me to a more expensive plan. This seemed to be Katies only real interest – despite my explaining that having an extra 1Gb or 2Gb would not really help and the increased cost would be better put towards an unlimited data plan from Three mobile or another service provider. When I started talking about moving away, Katie asked for my number and called me, I now realise that this was because what she was about to tell me was a pack of lies and she couldn’t tell me this via the chat as I would get a copy of that. When I spoke to Katie she said that they were about to launch an all inclusive data package and that I would be able to have it for the same rate I am on now. She would need a manager to authorise this and he would call me back in the morning. I am still waiting for that call. Katie just wanted me to end the chat and she presumably would have marked that as a resolved call.
    I started another chat today and spoke to Riley – Riley was not interested in helping me at all – he just kept pasting links to the terms and conditions . and offering me data bundles and contract up sells and didn’t seem to grasp that I was looking for a resolution to prevent a re-occurrence as I could not afford to spend £140 a month on a single phone contract. What I asked for was for a cap to be put on my account so that when my data allowance was used up I could not spend any more. Vodafone do not do this – most other mobile operators do and I think it is time that Ofcom looked at this practice by Vodafone.
    I asked for the call to be escalated and it was to a guy called Albert who asked for a few minutes to review the chat ( I am 2 hours in by this point) I am not sure what Albert was reading for the 7 minutes he was away but I am pretty sure it wasn’t the chat I had with Riley – eventually when I got him to focus on the issue he, like Riley – pasted a copy of a link to the terms and conditions and tried to up sell me to more expensive packages.
    Just a note here to Vodafone – I am paying £35 a month already for unlimited calls texts and 1Gb data and I am tied in to a 24 month contract – I have 2 other contracts with Three mobile, for £25 month and I get unlimited data – unlimited texts and 2,000 minutes (5,000 minutes to 3 numbers) oh and in most countries now I can use this bundle without any additional charge so I get unlimited data in most of Europe – I am also only tied in for one month

    So I explain this to Albert and point out that I would expect some help from Vodafone for my loyalty over the last 10 years – his final offer is that if I take out a data bundle – extra 2 Gb for an extra £10 month he will discount my last data bill by 20% – Wow so for my loyalty I get to increase my monthly spend to £45 and you give me a one off discount from a ridiculously inflated data bill of £20.

    I think therefore that the message is clear

    Vodafone DO NOT CARE about their customers, they treat us like idiots , they lie to us, they rip us off on data charges and they do not put in place simple measures that would allow you to control your spend and set limits. Time for Ofcom to act and time for the rest of us to act by moving to a mobile provider that listens to its customers.

    It will now be cheaper for me to remove the Vodafone sim and replace it with a Three sim with unlimited data and just wait for my Vodafone contract to expire

  24. aleks 31 March 2015 at 19:34 Permalink

    i am so furious that i can barely write this review.

    vodafone are the single worst company i have EVER had to deal with.

    they are “corrupt”. they transfer you countless times with no intention of every dealing with your concerns/issues.

    23 months after i stopped receiving acceptable service to my work place in the MIDDLE OF CENTRAL LONDON!!!!! I still can not get any refund.

    They are crooks. If you think your operator is bad, you have no idea.

    I have been with O2, Three and Vodafone. I had no idea how bad it could be.


  25. Thirdclass 13 March 2015 at 17:06 Permalink

    Thirdclass ever in India

  26. Meurig Jones 7 March 2015 at 08:22 Permalink

    Terrible customer service. Completely failed on a SIM swap, they managed to disable my wife’s phone which was not even discussed on the SIM swap – I was upgrading phones. Since then have had 5 days of broken promises to investigate and lies “it will work in two hours”, “will call you in 30 minutes”. No empathy or respect for the customer, just prevarication and lies. They expect you to chase them, they do not have any initiative or desire to resolve problem. Avoid.

  27. rogerw 18 January 2015 at 10:27 Permalink

    “Vodafone don’t have the best 2G coverage in some areas but are improving all the time and their 3G network is amongst the best available in the UK”

    Really, who writes this rubbish, suggest you take a look at the Ofcom statistics which clearly state they havr the lowest coverage of any opreator in the UK, indeed, they were in contravention of their 3G license last year for their lack of coverage.
    As for customer service, you say they use UK call centres, again this is fiction, they use centres in Egypt and South Africa, in both cases staff are arrogant and rude.
    Up to August last year i had been with them for over 28 years, i was in the first 200000 to join in 1987, i joined 3 and am very happy. Because Vodafone were one of the first operators, they managed to get many lucrative corporate clients, including the government, who have a long history of employing lame duck companies such as them, others include grope 4, sirco and crapita.
    All in all voda are a company who could not give their non corporate customers a stuff, and it shows, they must be loosng thousands of customers, i would never use them again

  28. BILLLAAAAAAA 18 December 2014 at 14:21 Permalink


  29. Debbie 25 November 2014 at 21:15 Permalink

    Vodafone….complete waste of space, customer service… pants…frustrating and infuriating!!! Never will I take up their services again, complaint big time on the way!!

  30. nigel rayner 14 November 2014 at 21:41 Permalink

    awful customer service and totally incompeta

    I signed up 15 months ago including the free entertainment pack which I selected Spotify. Every month since I have been charged £9.99, and have had to phone them to get the charges taken off. Every month they tell me to uninstall the app and reinstall to fix the issue. Guess what the following month it appears on my bill again. So Fed up arguing with them each month I want to cancel, now they are telling me if I want to cancel they will charge me a £700 cancellation fee, for their incompetence. Shocking, will never use them again and will spend all my time reporting their incompetance on every site I can find. Stay clear of this company. Won’t make much difference but will also email my telecoms manager at work as Vodaphone are partners, so they know the shocking treatment they give customers.

  31. Lyndsey McGlynn 17 October 2014 at 22:09 Permalink

    This is the content of a letter I posted to the director last week. He hasn’t had the courtesy to reply and in addition, despite vodaphone not honouring the contract, the only way I can end the contract, according to them, is to pay over £600.

    I am writing to make a complaint about an ongoing problem that I have been having with Vodaphonoe since I lost my Iphone 5 on the 26th August 2014. At that point I called to say that my phone was lost or stolen and the phone and the sim were barred. On the 29th August, I visited a shop where the assistant placed a new sim card into my old Iphone 4 and called vodaphone to re-establish connection. I was advised that this would take only one hour. The connection did not get re-established and I called and was advised it would be fixed within 24 hours. On the 31st August, I visited another vodaphone shop and they tried another SIM card. Again, I was advised that it would only take a short time. It did not reconnect.
    Throughout the following two weeks, I spent in excess of 2 hours on the phone to vodaphone who promised frequently that the ‘bar’ would be lifted from my account and promised me various times that they would call me back to keep me informed. This did not happen. They never repaired my connection nor did they call me to keep me informed. I called into another vodaphone shop where I was told that the fix might take time but they gave me a 30 day freedom freebie in the meantime and assured me that my phone would be likely to be repaired very soon. The 30 day freedom freebie has now expired and this morning I have had to call and have it topped up as my connection is still not repaired.
    On occasions through this period, I saught advice using the live web link. Whilst the staff were very lovely, not one of them was able to sort the problem and nobody has allowed me to speak to someone more senior.
    On your website, there are various statements that I am going to refer to.
    ‘ The customer service adviser will try to resolve it all the first time you contact us, and will involve their team manager if necessary. If that’s not successful, they’ll pass the issue to our Customer Relations team to own. They are specialists in resolving complaints.
    We’ll do everything we can to get it all resolved within 5 working days. If it takes longer, we’ll give you updates at least once a week.’
    Firstly, if we take a look at the first sentence, it informs customers that the advisor will try and resolve complaints the first time you contact tehm and will involve the team manager if necessary. Despite having asked several times to be put in touch with a team manager, advisers have consistently refused me access to anyone more senior than themselves.
    The second sentence says that issues will then be passed to customer relations. Again, they appear to be very elusive and I would certainly not describe them as being specialists in resolving complaints.
    Lastly, you have been unable to resolve my connection issue within 5 working days. The last paragraph promises updates at least once a week. I have been waiting in total for 6 weeks and 4 days and have yet to receive a weekly update.
    Since Vodaphone has been unable to honour their side of the contract, I would like to be released from my contract with Vodaphone and be reimbursed for any payments that I have made over the last 7 weeks. I would like this to happen without penalty to my credit rating. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 19 October 2014 at 07:08 Permalink

      That’s appalling treatment. Why are you having to pay £60- in light of all this? How much longer was left on the contract?

      • Lyndsey McGlynn 19 October 2014 at 10:19 Permalink

        I still have a year and a half left on the contract. I’ve told them that they have defaulted on the contract so I should be released from it without penalty. They deny the fact that they have defaulted. I would stop my direct debits but then I would lose my credit rating. I can’t win whatever I do.

        • Mobile Network Comparison 19 October 2014 at 17:49 Permalink

          Have you spoken to Head Office or a senior supervisor? And informed the Ombudsman?

          • Lyndsey McGlynn 19 October 2014 at 17:54 Permalink

            They don’t let you talk to head office. I’ve emailed the company director and the ombudsman. However, a week on and they are still choosing not to sort it out.

  32. Alfred 1 October 2014 at 16:48 Permalink

    Poor coverage, laughable service & they make it difficult for you to leave. You have to work at it to be this bad!

    I have never had so much trouble with a provider. Service kept dropping out. Many missed calls and messages that appeared 1-2 weeks after they had been sent. When I had had enough I called to say I was switching providers it took me THREE WEEKS to get the proper code to unlock my mobile. I don’t know why they didn’t give me the NUC code along with my PAC when I told them I was switching providers. Instead I was left to navigate endless unhelpful on-line and telephone menus and deal with staff who had no idea what was going on and kept repeating basic information that was no help whatsoever. I had to go to their website FOUR TIMES to request my NUC. At one point I was told my account was still active even though someone had called me two weeks previous to try and discourage me from leaving. Ridiculous! You have to TRY to deliver this low level of service and I began to think Vodaphone was doing it on purpose to squeeze a few last pounds out of me before I left. I hope they succeeded and felt very proud of themselves; and I hope they are accustomed to the sound of yet another customer hanging up on them for good!

  33. Seema 17 September 2014 at 10:19 Permalink

    I would give PATHETIC as rating. This rating goes out to the Vodafone center in HSR layout, 27th main, Bangalore, India.
    After visiting the store I realized, I have never come across such arrogant people in my life.
    I had applied for MNP choosing Vodafone as new network. I was made to roam hell number of times. They made me submit my documents again and again saying I have entered my mobile number wrongly while filling MNP form which was utter bullshit.
    They did not admit that something went wrong from their end and kept on blaming on me. Now all of a sudden they have stopped my old and new network.
    No idea if this is the way vodafone gives service or its the specialty of the HSR layout, Bangalore, India branch

  34. Stephanie 16 August 2014 at 19:34 Permalink

    Don’t buy from Vodafone they have been going into my account and taking money even though there is I direct debit set up and they tried it more than once then left me with bank charges and after 4 days fighting over the phone I was finally told my charges would be refunded to my account within 4/5 days but instead of them putting it in my bank account they put it into my Vodafone account then decided they would take next months payment out of the refund and when I phoned them to explain that I was fully up to date with the account they told me that they have took next months and there’s nothing I can do about it and then tried to make me say over the pgone that i was happy that this was payed so now I am left with the charges caused by Vodafone now iv only been with them 2 months and have payed over £200 to them!!!

  35. Katie 20 July 2014 at 14:42 Permalink

    This is the first negative review I have EVER written; my blood is boiling as I type! I have been a voda customer for over seven years and am literally so annoyed I am considering paying off the rest of my contract just so I can leave. Their customer service is appalling. Their staff do not note calls nor do they honour what they have advised. They must have outsourced their customer care as it has changed dramatically. My bill is £20pm. Never Ever have I gone over 900 mins. This month my bill is £100. Apparently I exceeded them. I asked them to change my bill date, I even held for 15 minutes when they changed it (just by one day!!) just to discover they didnt even do this. They applied a voucher of £30 which wont even come off this bill unless I cancel my direct debit and call them to reactivate it and make the payment. None of their staff have any empathy and nor can they stick to their word or take ownership. Ash and Jessy exemplify one of the worst customer care traits I have ever heard or seen. Ash called me back a day late, failed to call me again when he said he would on my vmail and nor did he apologise on the vmail for his delay. Jessy advised me of the voucher without letting me know it would apply to the next bill. I spoke with another guy who was brilliant but failed to do anything that he told me. Annoyed is not the word. I am actually going to have a party when i leave. £67 call charges and £18 VAT on top of 900 minutes. Lies. Disgracefully this company will not last, they have lost all value for customer’s. Vodafone YOU SUCK

  36. tushar shimpi 19 July 2014 at 05:46 Permalink

    Vodafone is fraudent in billing. They charges for download which you haven’t made. If ansked for details they say that some application like Facebook, Twitter, gmail may charge you while syncing even if you are using unlimited internet plans. they think that customer is fool and using smart phone 1st. In my opinion don’t go for Vodafone at all.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 19 July 2014 at 13:14 Permalink

      Have you been using third-party tools to track your actual usage? It’s completely true that all these applications upload and download in the background.

      What doesn’t make sense is charges for data transfer on an unlimited plan.

  37. Edward Verrico 19 June 2014 at 19:34 Permalink

    Vodafone are corrupt and should not be touched, they have no morals and should be removed from this planet.. ( more power to you ) don’t make me laugh ( more power to them ) lets show these complacent people that there is real power with the consumer by putting them out of business.

  38. Vodafone customer service 2 June 2014 at 11:37 Permalink

    So much negativity towards vodafone. Don’t let one bad experience deter you! Vodafone after all is run by humans just like you and me so its natural mistakes are going to happen from time to time.

    • Edward Verrico 19 June 2014 at 19:37 Permalink

      Do you work for this company??. have a look at goggles reviews by HUMANS. they are the worst ever and not from time to time ALWAYS..

  39. Sam 16 April 2014 at 16:12 Permalink

    Vodafone lives on presumptions of their own which is that every thing is perfectly fine. The couldn’t solve the network problem I had at my previous address in 5 months while on daily bases they would tell me that it will be fixed in 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days 5 days, one week etc while on their network coverage map it was showing perfect. I moves home and have the same problem since last 1 month and again the network coverage map show everything perfect indoor and outdoor for my address. They told me that they have some “unexpected issues” in the area which they are working on and can’t tell me the time it will take them to fix the issue. But i am sure that the don’t know how many years in will take them or even if the will be able to fix it at all and i seriously doubt they are doing anything at all coz it should have been fixed in 5 moths in my previous address.

    I complained about it to ombudsman and i received a letter today stating that their decision is in favour of vodafone because they i can still make calls form some places.

    i really have my doubts about the independent of ombudsman too. because i have signed up for a service and why would they expect me to pay full just because i am getting something no matter everything.

  40. Philip knowles 26 March 2014 at 20:48 Permalink

    Not sure how you get your 3.5 out of 5 rating that’s far too good. Give it a 1 and tats being generous

  41. Philip knowles 26 March 2014 at 20:36 Permalink

    Absolutely awful customer service now based in India, diabolical network, for me now almost n useable, even th local shop admitted the network was crap because te 2g network had been turned off to make space for 4g. Can’t wait to leave after being a loyal customer for 11 years.

  42. Richard D 13 March 2014 at 08:03 Permalink

    Independent testing consisting of 840,000 checks undertaken by RootMetrics confirms what my comments above say.

    Vodafone comes last in mobile tests

    EE has come out on top and Vodafone last in one of the UK’s most comprehensive tests of mobile networks.

    Still, up to you to decide who you want to give your money to, remember VodaFone dont pay tax in the UK either.

  43. Richard D 3 March 2014 at 16:25 Permalink

    You do cancel the DD but then the bill is not paid & it is raised as a debt against you affecting your credit rating. My personal opinion is it is either theft or bullying but those words get the call cut off. I requested why they dont transfer you onto a PAYG so the number is still open but just not transferred – the excuse was that I didnt give them the authority to change my contract – quite correct but I dis request a termination which they never actioned. Hey ho I am out now & I am informing as many people as possible to avoid them. What is one voice against a multi national bullying company?

  44. Richard D 21 February 2014 at 06:23 Permalink

    So I have finally made it out from their clutches but apparently cancelling the contract doesnt mean that. They still charge you for an additional month & then (I must now wait & see) credit me next month. I am sure that legally this is wrong but what a great way to increase your interest earnings by using free credit. Must be great to be a big company wielding that sort of abusive power over individuals.

    Again, your choice but my advice is to avoid

  45. Rob W 20 February 2014 at 18:32 Permalink

    Sometimes if you visit the Store you get a pleasant surprise.
    Had the following things to accomplish
    – Could I return an unused Upgrade phone to them (which had been ordered by telephone from Vodafone upgrades and delivered to my work 3 days before).
    – Revert this account to Sim Only.
    – Could I then upgrade this account to 4G.
    – Could I then upgrade another telephone number on my account to Data and have a Micro-Sim for a new Motorola and could they then fit the Sim and activate it.
    All this was competed with the minimum of fuss and time.
    Was certainly better than using the web and the call centre.
    Quite refreshing really,

  46. Karen 19 February 2014 at 15:05 Permalink

    DO NOT Go with Vodafone

    First month of a 2 year contract and what a shit company. I’d been with Orange years with 300 mins never gone over 1 month with 300 mins with Vodafone and I’m over by 200+ mins costing 30+p per min. All because this company charge you per min not second. I’m not sure how they get away with this but it’s discussing. Now stuck counting down the month till I can say screw you Vodafone.

  47. Linda 2 February 2014 at 12:14 Permalink


    It’s now February and we have had very little or no signal at home or surrounding since sept…. Never get a straight answer just we are looking into it, faulty mast and planned maintenance. I’m in the middle of London. I escalated my complaint to the ombudsman last week and since doing this I have been accused by 2 staff members in Egypt, (one apparently a manager) and a member of cancellations in Uk of lying about service issues as I have made calls on my line ….. Er yea I have when I’m at work I get signal but when I reach my home n surrounding post code I lose signal or it fails calls.. The single most unprofessional company I have ever come across in my entire life!!!! The call centre staff are rude and argumentative and constantly misinforming Bye bye Vodafone

    Complain now:

  48. B.Benjamin 16 December 2013 at 23:07 Permalink

    This site is fascinating and would be really useful if you were able to keep it up-to-date, which I appreciate is an onerous task. Take the Vodafone rates as one example as these are currently causing me to move to another operator. Their basic CALL rate went up weeks ago from 25p to 30p, along with TEXT messaging from 12p to 14p, & out-of-bundle (Freedom Freebie) CALL rate from 25p to 35p. This of course undermines confidence in the accuracy of the rest of the table. It is still a nice idea however & I shall continue to read it.
    Good wishes & thanks to you for the interesting items. BB.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 16 December 2013 at 23:15 Permalink

      Really sorry about this! Those price changes completely passed us by. We do try to make regular updates to the table but there are just too many operators to check them all every week. Usually big changes make the news but Vodafone seem to have been successful in keeping this out of the press this time. Thanks for your support and let us know if you spot any other out-of-date items – as far as we know, everything else is correct.

      In any case, you can certainly do better than Vodafone so we’d encourage you to switch!

      • B.Benjamin 19 December 2013 at 16:41 Permalink

        Further to my note about Vodafone price increases which you put right immediately, you may want to look at O2 who seem to have increased calls from 25p to 35p,(worse than Vodafone!), and ‘3’ network do not do ‘free’ 0800 calls, which you say in your review page on them, although you have it correct on the Comparison Chart. There are many other discrepancies but things are changing so quickly all the time that the Comparison Chart, a brave thing to do, can only be a rough guide so well done and thanks. BB.

        • Mobile Network Comparison 20 December 2013 at 21:21 Permalink

          Thanks so much for this. These have both been fixed everywhere on the site now.

          We’re planning on having a bit of a spring clean in the new year to check for other inaccuracies. Unfortunately, it’s hard to hear about these changes when they happen.

  49. Kareem Ali 10 December 2013 at 16:15 Permalink

    I want to start by saying avoid Vodafone at all costs. Their customer service is by far the worst I experienced amongst any provider I used, for anything. Not a single promise was made, and my number is lost somewhere in cyberspace as other people might have experienced.

    I’ve been trying to get my number back since 20th Nov 2013, no luck. And the number that I want to be transferred is from Vodafone to another Vodafone line, it’s not even external.

    I wish I wasn’t tied up in a contract with them, I would’ve left them now. But I will not renew my two contracts that I have, nor bring my wife’s line as I had originally planned.

    It’s 10th December today, and every person that promised me that I will be called back by a manager, or by him or her, never called back. Only one called back and I missed the call, left a message saying she’ll call again, never happened.

    I am still in search for my number in cyberspace by the way.

    Avoid Avoid AVOID and get away from them!!!


  50. Robert Gibson 6 October 2013 at 03:07 Permalink

    I had an 18 month contract with Vodafone. My dongle wouldn’t connect (Error code) throughout the duration & Vodafone couldn’t fix the problem. Overall very unhappy & will not use them again!

  51. Richard D 1 October 2013 at 17:35 Permalink

    For anyone not convinced about vodafone’s underhanded tactics, this is the BBC Watchdog report after a complaint about poor 3G mobile data

    Search BBC Warchdog vodafone

    To the customer – the company told Charlie that he would have to pay £550 to cancel his contract because he does receive their service at his home address, the location his phone is registered to. The solution if he didn’t want to pay? Wait until Vodafone roll out their 4G services, when they expect the coverage to improve.

    To BBC Watchdog – But the nature of any technology, including ours, means we can’t guarantee a service at all times – and this is clearly stated in our terms and conditions

    So, you are paying for a MOBILE service that they cannot guarantee & if it works at your home then they have fulfilled their agreement to you. Sounds like a dirty tricks company that sells MOBILE contracts which only have to work at your home address!!

    I stress again, just avoid them

  52. Abu Abdullah 29 September 2013 at 09:46 Permalink


    Thank you for the information regarding Vodafone cutting off the egyptian peoples’ telecommunications at the height of the revolution. It actually influenced my decision to not go with them, because I do not want to join a company with such bad ethics. It is truly disgraceful. I am considering either Virgin or Giff Gaff.

    Thank you again.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 30 September 2013 at 13:28 Permalink

      Glad to hear you take moral considerations into your decision making. Please come back and let us know how you get on with whoever you choose.

  53. Mark E 28 September 2013 at 15:55 Permalink

    I tried to change from another Network, passed Vodafone my old number (which I require for Business) along with the PAC code. They seem to have lost my number somewhere in cyberspace!
    My experience with this leads me to strongly advise anybody to give it a wide birth.
    The Vodafone shop in the Potteries Shopping Center in Stoke on Trent ,UK is beyond reprieve.
    The whole Company is obviously a disorganized MESS.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 30 September 2013 at 13:30 Permalink

      What exactly are they saying the issue is now? Do they still have your PAC? Who was the old network and what are they saying now?

  54. Oliver 23 September 2013 at 15:50 Permalink

    I am absolutely disgusted with this network, when i got the contract they said i had perfect 3g in my area on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, now for the last 8 months i have had nothing but signal drop, no signal, being told to use 2g only which i dont even have the option to use it on a Note 2 LTE, so they are incompetent.

    The tricks that they did to get me on this contract was a disgrace, i am stuck on here for another 5 months and as soon as this is finished me and 12 other friends are all moving to another network, AVOID AT ALL COSTS VODAPHONE!

    If you want to lose your job or work please sign up to Vodaphone to get an unreliable signal that drops all the time in the middle of important calls.

    Vodaphone were once the best network out there for signal and reliability, but they have lost it all!

    • Mobile Network Comparison 30 September 2013 at 13:37 Permalink

      Whereabouts are you? If the signal is not as advertised, you should have a strong case to get out of your contract and move to another network.

  55. Richard D 14 September 2013 at 17:28 Permalink

    After 15years with vodafone I will be leaving them asap. I have had issues with data reporting. I have 2 x vodafone apps, 1 x iphone 5 data counter on my phone & when cmpared to vodafone internal data system all show different amounts, 1.7GB to 4.1GB. Obviously this is a customer fault & vodafone can do absolutely nothing to assist. I have a data hungry phone & that is the end of the story as far as they are concerned.
    Heres my synopsis to date:
    I added 1GB to my standard 2GB account for August & on the day it expired I was told that I had already been charged an additional £5 for exceeding my limit even though further conversations with vodafone showed this to be incorrect they decided as a show of ‘goodwill’ they credited my account. Note: they didnt say it was a mistake, they paid goodwill – stretching the KPIs for OFCOM a little there.
    To ensure this was not my phone, I visited a genius (from Apple) who checked everything on my phone & concluded that there is nothing running, let alone installed, that would be causing that amount of data usage in one month.
    2 weeks later and my current data has gone out of control. Several unhelpful phone calls later, visits to shops & live chats has resulted in me finding out that vodafone take 72 hours to update your data, no two service representatives give you the same answer, 48 hour call back on escalations means 5 WORKING DAYS & not 2 days like you would expect, 3 attempts to call back does not exist, two of my escalations have resulted in callbacks of 2 attempts in about 1 min & 1 attempt which the network dropped me!!! You then get a message saying thanks for contacting vodafone & everything is now sorted.
    Here is the beauty though, after informing me of this next point they are now backtracking & denying it. Any data used on an unbilled period is carried over to the next period even though your contract is for a set period – in essence they ‘double charge’ you this data & usage.
    One last point, I am in London where you would expect good coverage, however at any grouping of people (train station, stadium, airport) the phone will tell you it is receiving 3G but it will not work,the little icon just keeps spinning.
    Sound like a company you want to waste money on? Go somewhere else, you only have yourself to blame if you choose vodafone.
    I have requested my file so that I can lodge it with OFCOM.

  56. craig 12 September 2013 at 14:06 Permalink

    like all the other comments here my vodafone experience has been dismal. I have never been able to get a decent internet connection. it makes for surfing the net painful instead of the pleasure it should be, ive called several times. raised official complaints, had awful customer service and changed the sim card as per there advise at the nearest vodafone shop. they did compensate me for my travel expenses to do this, but expect it was due to the fact that a week before i had been promised a new sim would be sent, this was not done. was a good deal and if i could use my 1gb of data would be happy enough to stay but oct 28th im off. bye bye vodafone for ever. brand i wont touch again.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 12 September 2013 at 14:08 Permalink

      Do you know anyone else with Vodafone who has good signal? What does the coverage map say where you are?

      • craig 16 September 2013 at 15:18 Permalink

        I don’t know other people who have vodafone. Coverage should be ok here according to the website. im in essex. near wickford. work in basildon and have found signal bad in all my travels. ive just pre ordered the sony z1 on orange network so better luck this time round.

  57. m.zadeh 31 July 2013 at 16:10 Permalink

    1) Very very poor customer Service.operator very rude and condescending, any time I called they didn’t want to tell me their name.they never explained my questions. 2) I had a pay monthly contract(£37.50)..24 months ,I couldn’t use the service where I live (coverage=0) only I could use it very limited(just few minutes but not internet)in London.I used a pay as you go phone from different service phone story shows this.Vodafone refused to cancel my contract. I paid 24 months over £37.–+£… …until the contract ended . I received the Last Bill £64.51 with charges to cancellation(?) + threaten to register with credit reference agency,+additional 100+fees for breaking the terms of agreement(?)…I tried to discus this issue with Vodafone ,the gentleman didn’t give me his name just the initial josh(?) and avoided to connect me with his boss or anybody else.the answer was only “these are the rules”. I will try to get in touch with some of the directors ,if not…I will bring this matter in the public.

  58. Ricky V 27 July 2013 at 20:33 Permalink

    My £12 a month contract expired at the start of the year, the upgrade teams calls me for a renewal, same tariff plus a free phone, I decline asking for a discount on the plan, we agree on £7.50 a month. 6 months later, I check my bill and realise I’ve been paying £27 a month. I call them, they say there is no record of the call or the agreement, I’m on the old price plan, £12 was a discounted price, so I reverted to the normal tariff of £27 and there is nothing they can do about the £120 they have overcharged me over the last 6 months….

    Avoid like plague!

    • les wells 31 December 2014 at 14:43 Permalink

      nonesense, all companies record telephone conversations. if they stick to their denial then resort to common law of making them prove their case

  59. Jake smedley 7 May 2013 at 20:36 Permalink

    Vodafone are literally the worst company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I was mis sold a contract in 2012. Not long after, due to vodafones incompetence, i was allowed to run up a 290 pound bill as Vodafone did not contact me to say that my direct debits were failing. I paid the bill and never missed a payment after that. I have had several dealings with their customer service team and have never put the phone down feeling that my issue had been totally resolved. And just today I found a contract on their website, that would provide me with a better phone, a more suitable tariff for me and it was the same monthly price as I am paying now. I called them to enquire and the lady I spoke to was somewhat rude, dismissive of my enquiry and interruptive while I was speaking, she then put me on hold for fifteen minutes and when her (surprisingly English) answered my call she took my details and at the stroke of eight (which I later found, was when her shift ended) she hung up on me with no warning. When I called back I spoke to a man who told me in an aggressive tone that if I wanted to get a more suitable contract for the same monthly price, I would have to pay a 400 pound early termination fee. And when I informed him that to pay that amount to end a contract I would rather start a new one with another service provider, he did not even seem to care. I am currently in the process of trying to get in touch with someone on the board of directors.

  60. ClaraC 19 April 2012 at 20:31 Permalink

    Vodafone has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced from any company.
    I was offered an upgrade which when received was only 8gb whilst my old phone was 16gb. I sent it back after one day and there the drama enfolded. I have spent over 6 hours on the phone on several separate occasions to try to sort this issue. Yesterday I gave up and contacted Vodafone to cancel my contract – they did not even ask why – they do not value their individual customers and I think their BIG revenue is corporate hence the appalling service. To add fuel to the fire…the Vodafone customer assistance told me yesterday that my contract would be cancelled and would come into affect within 2 hours (I have a transcript of this conversation)…needless to say today it was still active! Called again today to find out why and was told that they did not have this on record but not to worry as the current operator would do the cancellation for me then. I asked to speak to a manager and was told I would get a call back from the manager to explain why this has happened…LOL of course that did not happen either…
    The operators do not seem to know what they are doing and are constantly giving incorrect information or not fulfilling what they are telling me they will do. They are also rude and condescending.
    It astounds me that they get away with this shoddy service. I will never ever use a Vodafone service again. (Not that they particularly care!)
    Please be very careful when signing up with this network as the stress and time wasted is not worth it!!!!

  61. ronny 22 February 2012 at 15:51 Permalink

    1. Vodafone can only send you 72 hours update on your account! This is deliberate. They want to make sure you go over your limit. Three network sends exact update down to the very second you make a request. Avoid Vodafone !
    2. If you travel abroad with your Vodafone despite signing up with Vodafone passport and switching off your Internet etc, you will still be slapped with the most shocking bill. I got £250 twice that I travelled to Africa with my phone despite all my efforts to keep out of bills. Just the mere fact that you are abroad, Vodafone will make sure you are sucked dry. Three network doesn’t charge for SMS received abroad. Avoid Vodafone !!
    3. Coverage is

  62. Jon Adams 8 February 2012 at 10:27 Permalink

    The most inept customer services I have had the displeasure of experiencing!! If reading an auto Q is the only pre-requisite for the job then your in!
    Terrible service and company, wish I could leave ASAP!

    • Mobile Network Comparison 11 January 2013 at 16:24 Permalink

      What issue were you trying to resolve?

      • Natalie Davis 18 January 2016 at 11:11 Permalink

        The worst mobile network in the world.
        They sold me services are that wont work. Their customer services are terrible. The instore staff are incompetent and the only thing they care about is selling contracts. Don’t bother asking them to fix a problem. By phone they regularly leave customers on hold for over an hour. Then they either wont listen to customers problems or don’t understand, let alone actually help. The online live chat is a joke. Last time I tried that the advisor totally ignored what I told him, changed my account login and sent it repeatedly to at least one other customer. So I was locked out of my account and I spent most of my day trying to get them to listen to my problem. I’ve no idea who else they’ve sent my account login to and I’m worried about who else now has access to my personal data including my bank details and my children’s phone numbers. If you’re looking for a mobile provider go to anyone else.

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