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07 November 20110 Comments by Jon M

Site updates

Here at Mobile Network Comparison, we’re always working hard to give you the best information possible to choose a great PAYG tariff. Unlike other comparison sites, we make sure we cover every option available to ensure that you don’t miss out on an offer. That’s why we look at things like unlimited data and unlimited texts and point out the offers that are truly unlimited as opposed to those that just claim to be.

We also pride ourselves on the articles and features we regularly put out. For example, we’re really chuffed that we’re now able to offer you professionally-cut Giffgaff micro-SIMs posted out to you absolutely free of charge. Best of all, we’ve arranged for you to get £5 free credit on all our micro-SIMs so Giffgaff becomes even better value on your iPhone 4S or iPad. Of course, we also still offer £5 free credit on our regular Giffgaff SIM cards which are also completely free.

We’ve got an update on the new Giffgaff data-only goodybags and have updated our Giffgaff review with all the relevant information. There’s also a great new article about how to get special Gold phone numbers absolutely free by using a deal that Family Mobile offer. Once you’ve chosen your premium number, we have instructions on how to port it away to your preferred network.

We are always on the lookout for new deals and even brand new mobile networks that can save you money. We also go back and check the latest changes in the prices we publish as well as contact networks to get the latest straight from the horses’ mouths. These are some of the many behind-the-scenes updates we’re constantly working on to ensure that you get the latest and most accurate information all over our site especially on our sortable price comparison table. We also update our individual reviews pages regularly with the latest pricing for texts, calls and mobile data. In fact, we even made a small tweak to our list of mobile network reviews so that the networks are ordered alphabetically allowing you to find what you’re looking for quicker.

These are just some of the minor tweaks and little information updates we’re making to the site all the time to help you keep ahead and accurately compare all the mobile networks. And of course, we love reading and replying to your comments every day and try to help in any way we can 🙂


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