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11 October 20111 Comment by Jon M

TalkMobile SIM-only comparison

TalkMobile‘s mobile phone plans are an increasingly well-known secret. Savvy customers have flocked to them for cut price PAYG rates backed by a strong high street brand through the Carphone Warehouse. Particularly popular are their unrivalled discounts on handset deals. They are currently offering new October offers on the BlackBerry Bold 9780, the budget-option-with-a-bang HTC Wildfire S and the new, vastly improved iPhone 4S. Best of all, TalkMobile’s handsets are all totally free of bloatware and completely unlocked.

They also offer incredible value with their Essentials Tariff that, according to our mobile price comparison table, offers pretty much the best value available in the UK. Calls to mobiles are only 8p per minute while SMS messages are just 4p each. If you are calling or texting other TalkMobiles, the prices are slashed to 4p per minute or just 2p per text. That’s pretty damn cheap! Even mobile internet is just 25p each day.

Despite how good the Essentials deal is, there are some less well-known options that offer fantastic value. Their SIMple SIM-only tariffs rival even Giffgaff for the cheapest mobile phone network going. There are a variety of options which start at just £1/month – perfect for even the stingiest cheapskates out there. And, for example, if you pay just £12/month you can get 600 minutes, 3000 texts and 750MB of mobile internet data.

We’ve looked at all of TalkMobile’s main competitors and were forced to conclude that they easily have the cheapest plans. In fact, many of their offers seem at least twice as good as those offered by the likes of 3 and Vodafone. Compare these amazing deals with other networks for yourself using our comprehensive table below. To learn more about any of the tariffs, just click on the network’s name in the table.

Network Cost Duration Minutes SMS Data
TalkMobile £1 1 month 25 50 26p/day
TalkMobile £8 1 month 200 500 500MB
TalkMobile £12 1 month 400 3000 750MB
TalkMobile £18 1 month 800 3000 1000MB
TalkMobile £8 6 months 300 1000 500MB
TalkMobile £12 6 months 600 3000 750MB
TalkMobile £18 6 months 1200 3000 1000MB
3 £10 1 month 100 3000 0MB
3 £15 1 month 300 3000 0MB
3 £20 1 month 600 3000 1000MB
O2 £10 1 month 100 unlimited 0MB
O2 £15 1 month 300 unlimited 0MB
O2 £20 1 month 600 unlimited 0MB
Orange £7 12 months 150 500 250MB
Orange £10 1 month 100 unlimited 0MB
Orange £15 1 month 200 unlimited 0MB
Orange £20 1 month 600 unlimited 0MB
T-Mobile £10 1 month 100 100 0MB
T-Mobile £15 1 month 350 300 0MB
T-Mobile £20 1 month 600 500 0MB
Vodafone £10 1 month 100 500 0MB
Vodafone £13 1 month 100 500 100MB
Vodafone £15 1 month 300 3000 100MB
Vodafone £20 1 month 300 3000 500MB


Clearly, of the networks we’ve included in the table above, TalkMobile is obviously the stand-out option. For less money than their competitors, they give as much as twice as many minutes as well as way more texts and data allowance. You’d have to be a fool not to go with them. If you’re on the fence but want to save money, start a TalkMobile SIM-only plan today.

£20 or less deals

For a one month rolling contract, TalkMobile’s offering comes with a huge 800 minutes, 3000 texts and 1GB of data. And it costs just £18/month. In comparison, you have to pay £20 to O2, Orange, T-Mobile or 3 and you’ll only get 600 minutes for more money. Vodafone as even worse charging you £20 per month for half as many minutes and just 500MB of data. What’s more, T-Mobile will only give you 500 texts instead of 300 and only 3 actually give you any data at all.

£15 or less deals

For just £12, TalkMobile will give you 400 minutes every month as well as 3000 texts and 750MB of mobile data. In comparison, you’ll have to pay 25% more to Orange for half as many minutes and no data at all. Only T-Mobile give you almost as many minutes with 350 for £15/month but you get ten times less SMS messages and no data either. O2 and 3 only offer 300 minutes for £15 while Vodafone charge £13 but you only get 100 minutes and 500 texts. TalkMobile’s SIM only deals easily steal the show at this price band too.

£10 or less deals

TalkMobile’s £8/month SIM only offer creams the competition too. For £24 less a year you get twice as many minutes as any other network with TalkMobile ofering 200 any networks minutes every month. They also give you 500MB of data on the 30 day rolling plan compared to 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone who provide sweet FA.

£1 or less deals

No-one else offers such a low-priced option so if you are a low volume user you can’t go wrong. TalkMobile’s SIMple offer gives you 25 minutes and 50 texts every month for just £1. That works out to just 2p/minute for calls and 1p/text. Unbeatable!

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  1. Lee 24 October 2011 at 00:34 Permalink

    Talkmobile is charging a friend of mine on a SIM-only deal GBP0.10 to access voicemail every time; it is still a good deal, but worth bearing in mind that voicemail is seemingly outside the call plan (whereas O2 includes it within the bundled minutes).

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