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14 May 20130 Comments by Jon M

Timeout Tuesday: iPhone Case Test

Last week we presented a round-up of the most rugged and tough iPhone 5 cases available. For those of you who love your phones (or who’ve had to fork out for a replacement touch-screen and digitizer), protecting it is very important.

When a replacement iPhone 5 costs about £500, it’s definitely worth buying a decent case that will ensure it stays in one piece if it falls out of your pocket or gets dropped on a hard floor.

The winning case from our tests was the amazing Griffin Survivor which we thought was almost perfect. This amazing video shows just how effective it is at ensuring your phone and data stays in one piece.

The case meets US Department of Defense Standard 810F and UK Department of Defence Standard 00-35 and this video shows progressively tough tests such as smashing it through a wall, bowling down an icy hill and even squashing it with a Dodge Magnum RT.

Check it out!

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