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17 October 20136 Comments by Jon M

Unlimited everything with The People’s Operator

tpo unlimited everything

Ever wish you could save loads of money with a better mobile deal and make a difference at the same time? With The People’s Operator, UK mobile users can do just that and there’s no better time to get involved that now as they have just launched their new “Unlimited Deal”. Could this be the best offer currently on the market? In what must be a UK first, they are currently offering completely unlimited calls, texts and data – unlimited everything for just £14.99/month.

TPO have turned talking into a force for good by building a network that’s hardwired to support charity causes, converting its calls, text and data into donations – at no cost to its customers. They direct 10% of your monthly mobile bill to a cause or charity of your choice. It costs you nothing extra and is a great way to do your bit. Add to that the massive value of the Unlimited Deal and a responsible approach to running their business and you’ve got a new kind of mobile offer to be reckoned with.

How do they manage to do this without taking extra from your bank balance? They promise to match their fundraising ambitions with customer value and, like Giffgaff, they do this by cutting back on unnecessary overheads and flashy advertising. So while you won’t find them yelling at you from giant billboards or assaulting you on the high-street dressed as massive rubber phones, you will find their deals are better than the big guys. Which means you get better value on your minutes, messages and megabytes and also make it really easy to help the charity you care about the most.

At the moment, TPO are offering both a PAYG tariff as well as a monthly SIM-only rolling contract. But it’s their brand new Unlimited Everything 30 day rolling contract that has caught our attention. It’s a great new package – offering unlimited Talk, Text and Data for just £14.99. Plus while you’re chatting away, you can choose to support a good cause for free – if you have a charity you’d like to help, TPO will give 10p to a cause of your choice for every £1 you spend at no cost to you. There is a fair usage policy but it’s incredibly generous for the money and, with the fantastic low price of £14.99 and the added bonus of helping good causes for free, it’s ridiculously tempting.

TPO say that good business isn’t about making gestures, it’s about having a positive impact. That’s why they’ve built their network from the bottom up to do business right. Their customers come before shareholders and – as well as pledging 10% for customer who want to do their bit – they’re also committed to sharing a quarter of their profits every year with worthwhile causes through the TPO Foundation.

If your existing network is letting you down, or you simply want a change, switching over to the network is very easy indeed and you can keep your existing phone number. TPO also runs on EE, the UK’s largest 3G network, so you get excellent coverage across the country.

So, if you’re interested making the leap over to The People’s Operator and “turning your calls into kindness” why not grab their Unlimited Everything Package today while it’s still available (the offer ends on 5 November).

6 Responses to “Unlimited everything with The People’s Operator”

  1. Lynsey Cochrane 23 February 2016 at 13:29 Permalink

    Hi all, I have been a customer of this network and I would not recommend at all. Their customer service is APPALLING. Weeks taken to respond to me on important issues, convoluted process for getting international calling enabled on phone (they hold a £50 deposit indefinitely and it is a nightmare getting through to them to pay this). Customer Service completely inaccessible and unresponsive. In the end I left (bad coverage too) and they had the cheek to charge me a full month’s line rental for January 2016 even though I had requested PAC number and received by 28 Dec, had removed SIM by 31 Dec – all because number didn’t port until 3rd Jan!! Completely unprofessional operator and a total shambles. Charitable giving does not compensate for sub-standard core service.

  2. Dave S 28 January 2016 at 14:17 Permalink

    TPO have charged me an extortionate amount for data, that was supposed to be included in my monthly data allowance. I seems that in December they reduced my calls and data bundle allowance drastically but still continued to charge me £11.99 for the bundle, I was not aware of these changes and have checked my email account and to my knowledge did not received this email informing me of the changes.

    This month I used approximately 2.6GB of data which is well within my bundle allowance or so I though it was shocked to find out I have been charged £165 for apparently exceeding my allowance by 1.6GB.

    All phone conversions with TPO lead to”we contacted you via email there is nothing we can do”

    This practice of reducing data bundles then charging extortionate amounts for data is not ethical and is set out to catch TPO customers out with huge overpayment for data usage

    • Mobile Network Comparison 28 January 2016 at 20:05 Permalink

      Are you getting anywhere through their official complaints procedure? Did you indeed receive the email they claim to have sent? And what was your data allowance previously?

  3. Telephone Tariffs 29 October 2013 at 04:27 Permalink

    Thanks for the details. But the I think the plans shared on this blog will not work for a long period. There will surely be some problem in the network. From my experience I can say that.

  4. Job CF 18 October 2013 at 05:39 Permalink

    I currently pay £26 per month for a landline and Broadband.
    Landline is hardly ever used for phone calls.
    Millions like me would be interested in joining when companies such as this become well established and can provide fast and reliable data connection.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 18 October 2013 at 12:56 Permalink

      They use EE so it should be plenty fast and reliable. Although it might be a while before they roll out 4G access to their MVNOs. Also, if you’re thinking of replacing your home broadband connection, be aware that they do have a “fair use” cap. Still, we think this is an amazing deal that’s definitely worth a try.

      Let us know if you consider taking a punt…

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