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10 November 2014129 Comments by Jon M

WorldSIM interview

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WorldSIM is a London-based MVNO that’s been running for over eight years now. They launched in June 2006 and their products include data roaming USB sticks, international SIM cards, and data SIM card and dual-SIM mobile phones.

They specialise in mobile roaming for international travellers and, to this end, have negotiated roaming agreements with hundreds of mobile networks worldwide. Today, their products are sold around the world in thousands of retailers as well as on their website. They have also been honoured with several awards over the last few years.

Their senior management team brings together telecoms experts with over a century of business experience between them. We had a chat with their CEO, Arif Reza, to ask the following questions:

Hi Arif, good to speak to you. First of all can you explain a how your rates compare with the most competitive MVNOs in the UK?

Rates of all MVNOs change frequently but WorldSIM always tries to keep rates lower than our competitors, we also offer free international roaming in over 90 countries and cheap data worldwide.

Fair enough. What award are you most proud of winning and why?

We have won a fair few but I think it would have to be Best Telecoms Provider 2013, we are waiting on the results for this year.

Well good luck! What’s your favourite country to visit and are there any countries you still want to add to your SIM?

It would have to be Africa for me, so many wonderful countries and lots to see and do. We add free roaming to more countries all the time, can’t say what is next I am afraid but we will be getting more in Asia for sure and Africa too.

What phone do you use and why?

I have several phones but when I travel I use the WorldSIM Orbizz as it works worldwide and its dual SIM so I can switch between my regular SIM and my WorldSIM travel SIM.

Who do you see as your closest competitor?

There are lots of companies that do similar to what we do, but none that do cheap pay as you go calls in the UK, cheap international calls and also offer free roaming and cheap data worldwide. Plus we are the only ones to be offering virtual numbers – you can add unlimited numbers to your SIM, from over 40 countries.

What do you think the impact of 4G and the exponential rise of smartphones is going to be on data pricing?

I imagine most big networks are likely to use this as an excuse to ramp up prices outside of Europe… we will be keeping our rates low.

Can you describe the brand in three words?

Innovative, unique, worldwide.

How do you aim to stay competitive in a over-saturated MVNO market?

We don’t compete, we do things differently!

Okay! So which network do you use to provide your infrastructure in the UK and why did you choose them?

O2 as they are the biggest, most reliable network with the most coverage.

Not sure they are the biggest nor whether they have the most coverage, but what are the network’s goals for next year?

We will be offering many new travel gadgets and products that are aimed at making travellers lives easier. We will be increasing the amount of countries you can get a virtual number from. We will launch a new type of SIM (very exciting!) We will also launch a new website.

Why do you think so many people are stock on expensive PAYG plans when there are so many cheap alternatives available now? What do you think is the main thing holding people back from switching?

Familiarity: people are also unaware of a lot of the smaller MVNOs.

Do you feel it’s important to be competitive in the international and roaming markets?

Of course, who doesn’t have a smart phone and use Facebook! The need for low cost roaming solutions is massive as no one wants to go without data on their two week holiday!… That’s where we come in 🙂

Great! Thanks for your time!

So that was our interview. What did you make of it? If you have any comments or queries about WorldSIM, please drop us a comment below.

129 Responses to “WorldSIM interview”

  1. James K 19 March 2016 at 11:40 Permalink

    Joke really been trying to buy one off these crds for days now and seems like they have no retail representation and online is only way. `phoned call centre and they told e to goto heathrow, made the jputneyt here only to be told they didmc sell them ! Poor service if you cant get your product put there to people no matter how good the network quality. very frustrating so i will be using a Mobal Card. Unlimited international data

  2. Lerry 27 January 2016 at 12:17 Permalink

    Visited in Fiji and Norway many times with the worldsim data card. On the visit, purchased 500 MB but stumbled on activating the bundle. But, it was easily resolved while I locked in my worldsim online account and activated it from the data bundle option. Nice data surfing with the new plan.

  3. ALYY 25 January 2016 at 15:03 Permalink

    Purchased the orbizz smartphone for small data tasks on roaming. As it was 3G supported, could use it any destination I moved to. Found everything on my favor apart from the camera. But that did not bother me as I carried digital camera with me.

  4. ALuI 21 January 2016 at 13:55 Permalink

    Finally found an perfect alternative to outrageous data roaming bills by purchasing Worldsim data sim card. Tried many other alternatives but never experienced this much pleasant with those networks. Everything was simple from ordering to activating it on my iPhone 6. Data rates were also effective too.

  5. JHunter 19 January 2016 at 13:46 Permalink

    Had planned to make up a New Year tour in St. Petersburg with family. Before that, purchased two world sim cards for our communication overseas. Though sim cards came along with preloaded credit, I still added more credits to each and got bonus on it. Stayed there for a week and didn’t require to recharge. Found them honest with billing.

  6. Fmikkn 15 January 2016 at 09:43 Permalink

    Experienced worldsim just not as a travel friendly, the features seemed to me professional. Now, connecting with my clients from different locations has become very easy. Being local is a very nice feeling and business co-operative, as well.

  7. RyanDevis 12 January 2016 at 13:15 Permalink

    Normally, I use Wi-Fi internet connection at home. But, when I purchased one for roaming, I was confused at their might be some difficulty dealing with this. But with the WorldSIM Wi-Fi router nothing happened like that. Very wonderful system, smooth connection and cheap billing.

  8. Nelvice 11 January 2016 at 12:48 Permalink

    I am happy with the service that I got from WorldSIM international network over the year 2015. Over the year, made some business tours and two more family trip. Never stubled with any issue. May not work in a new destination within the first try but once it beed set up, served a wonderful and reliable network companion.

  9. ErinFreya 8 January 2016 at 12:29 Permalink

    With my WorldSIM data SIM card and the WorldSIM wifi router enjoyed an exciting trip very recently. Loved to stay connected with friends while roaming in thrilling landscapes and WorldSIM network covered my whole expectation very well.

  10. ivanMikhail 5 January 2016 at 11:57 Permalink

    Covering up the whole data support for my family in the China tour, got relied upon WorldSIM Data SIM card. Used it there for some ten days on different states. It was a very big country and everyone liked very much, specially they liked the brilliant way they published their moments with this network.

    Bravo WorldSIM!

  11. jWat 1 January 2016 at 13:53 Permalink

    Last month, when I lost my phone purchased the Philco tab from my international network WorldSIM. Though, none of my friend used it, had no idea. But, till now giving me an outstanding service what I did not imagine with this price.

  12. Tmatt 30 December 2015 at 12:37 Permalink

    Bought a WorldSIM power bank before heading off for a family tour. Seemed to me very good quality for the price. Charged my LG phone fast and efficiently. Purchased another one for my mom and she loved it. Hopefully it would last the same way for long.

  13. Paella 29 December 2015 at 11:23 Permalink

    Have the WorldSIM Trifi for a couple of months. Never forgot to pack it up, as, unless this device my roaming communication became a complete nightmare. All of its features worked very well. In many places, it provided me a data connection which was truly more stable and powerful than the local WiFi network.

  14. ANncD 24 December 2015 at 13:14 Permalink

    Purchased the WorldSIM power bank for my tour in Africa. There we had plan to visit many remote places where electricity was unimaginable. With my group, set out and came back to our hotel room after five days and in between I charged my phone two times which were enough for the power backup in our phones and hopefully for the next trips, I could head off without worrying about the battery life.

  15. Daan 22 December 2015 at 14:08 Permalink

    Buying a SIM card for a non US resident was practically impossible, so I used the WorldSIM which I purchased after knowing how hard it is to get a SIM card there. Used it mostly in Central America with my iPhone. Both the network signal and the tariffs were exceptional. Never had any disappointment regarding billing and coverage.

  16. Samvel 17 December 2015 at 10:49 Permalink

    Since the purchase of the WorldSIM power bank, never had my phone dead on roaming. Slim designed so I could put my phone and the power bank altogether in my pocket. I charged my iPhone and game console in the same time. Nice purchase with GBP 20.

  17. lS 16 December 2015 at 13:41 Permalink

    Received my WorldSIM card delivery one day later to the promising day. Suspected a crap service again. But all went wrong when I made the first tour with this network. Even, in some places, WorldSIM caught better signal than the local network. It was amazing getting a network helped me staying close to my family with a lessened price.

  18. Macartuir 12 December 2015 at 05:34 Permalink

    being a cabin crew my destination cannnot be limited with some certain places. I needed a roaming network partner who made deal with some good network provider. WorldSIM covers so many places and I can roam everywhere with the same SIM card . Issue came up very rarely. I think I chose the right one.

  19. Matth 10 December 2015 at 14:21 Permalink

    On my roaming,just wanted getting data whenever it became necessary. I got my desired service with WorldSIM data sim card all the time. My prime concern was getting notification when there cashed a new mail. Service was pretty enough to do my office tasks.

  20. Catalina 9 December 2015 at 13:30 Permalink

    It’s been a year with WorldSIM and recently started using their Orbizz phone. I needed some basic data support what I got fully from the phone and the respective network was pretty satisfactory. Once, their support team promised me to call back with assistance. Though they called but not in the due time.

  21. LeeShawn 8 December 2015 at 09:41 Permalink

    Since 2012, I have been working as a international volunteer and already worked in number of countries. For last three years, have been enjoying service of WorldSIM for data roaming. Throughout the time, got a continuous upgraded service.

  22. JV 7 December 2015 at 12:52 Permalink

    I am now having the WorldSIM neuvo watch for a month and started to love the convenience. Apart from just notifying me messages and emails, I can keep close look to my activity and ‘to do list’. Happy with the purchase.

  23. Aliza 4 December 2015 at 11:36 Permalink

    Professionally I am dependent on online outsourcing. When I go for traveling, there comes some crucial time while I can’t avoid meeting with clients and discussing on different deals. To my understanding, WorldSIM served me with a workable data roaming for any task that needed to be done immediately.

  24. TMax 3 December 2015 at 14:53 Permalink

    My work involves lot of travelling. Oversea client meeting and presentation both are daily task for me. Formerly I used laptop and internet modem for data roaming. But now WorldSIM tab seems to me far better. I perform my entire task with it very easily. I compose my speech, meet clients over internet and upload client details to our company website with it. As well, they provided me wide network coverage, which truly simplified my job.

  25. hugolala 2 December 2015 at 13:54 Permalink

    Being a representative for a recruitment company, I spend majority of my time visiting different places and talking with clients. I had suffered a lot regarding the roaming communication but after choosing WorldSIM things are pretty bettery now.
    If they had any contract, I would have signed up!

  26. Klara Yna 30 November 2015 at 15:35 Permalink

    Upon necessary for a strong and stable data support, purchased an Alcatel router from my roaming network provider WorldSIM. Before a trip, credited the SIM card. Though they did not provide me any bonus, but the data billing was very straight forward. Coverage in Bucharest; Romania was fair enough. Wifi tethering with the device worked very well.

  27. laiacarlota 26 November 2015 at 11:41 Permalink

    Could not imagine switching to WorldSIM network would be this much worth. It’s been eight months now and they did not change anything within this time without notifying. Their webpage was designed so detailed that I needed not to contact them for any query. Throughout the whole time, I did not call to their support team for any technical issue. For international roaming, WorldSIM was a much competent one!

  28. arnold russel 24 November 2015 at 12:17 Permalink

    Have been using the travel genie phone for two years now nonstop. Still working like a new one. Service I like most about the device is, clear hearing and loud ringing and easy operating. Visibility of the display in the bright sun is a bit problem. Fell down many times but did not make any issue.

  29. RVictor 19 November 2015 at 11:57 Permalink

    Last time when I visited worldsim to top up my account, I saw the Multi tool pen with some unique features and ordered one for my grandson as he was about to join college and seemed to me it would be a worthy gift. Last week, he called me and thanked me for the pen. He was able to get hold of the uses of the pen and was happy about it. Was delighted to be able to gift something useful to him.

  30. Thomas Zoran 18 November 2015 at 10:05 Permalink

    For lacking only a power bank, I experienced worst moment in my Turkey tour. In Istanbul, fall in a perplexing situation and purchased a power bank from a local shop. Though the configuration was high, rarely I could support from the device. After returning, I purchased another one from my roaming network provider, WorldSIM . That one worked far better. Got enough backup. Most preciously it does not take much time to get charged.

  31. faurick 16 November 2015 at 11:43 Permalink

    Before going for a long tour, I visited WorldSIM website to top up my number. Though I needed an unlocked phone, checked their hand sets. I wanted to have a try with the Orbizz phone. On roaming, I used their international sim card and additionally I used a local network. I used the phone to search for some tour guidance; likely hotel rates, bus station and weather updates. I used data with other device creating wifi hotspot with the orbizz phone. Thanks WorldSIM for providing me such an amazing product with free shipping!

  32. TarasBulba 13 November 2015 at 09:42 Permalink

    The time I was gathering my roaming essentials for next tour, my bulky phone seemed to be inconvenient. We had plan for hill tracking in Kovddoskaisi. At the airport, when my friend was buying a SIM card, I saw the WorldSIM travel genie phone. When I put the phone in my pocket, hardly I could feel the weight. With one time charge, roamed with it for week.

  33. moravec 12 November 2015 at 11:11 Permalink

    The WorldSIM travel adapter was surprise for me. I never thought there would be any device like this. Whenever I travel to a foreign land, I had to buy an adapter from local market. This was a really a big deal to get my devices charged . But, I saw the new device compatible to any kind of plug.

  34. arlo 7 November 2015 at 09:29 Permalink

    I love to move with the WordlSIM because it’s very easy to recharge and the process is very fast and reliable. Always enjoyed a very fantastic service and the system is very dependable. At times, I used data with their SIM card. That was equally very much pleasant.

  35. bourke 6 November 2015 at 11:21 Permalink

    Few things I never miss to carry with me and WorldSIM is one of those. It’s not been so far I learnt about Virtual Number. I added seven landline numbers. My clients can call me now at a domestic rate and now they are not brief with their speech and I am having detailed and more clarified business deals.

  36. ghislain 5 November 2015 at 14:01 Permalink

    I got the WorldSIM orbizz phone a bit used as I purchased it from a colleague at a half price. Got a very beneficiary company with the phone on roaming. Never thought that it would provide such a fast and smooth data service. I like the design and quality. Everything is superb but I would like a bit development over front camera.

  37. bwin 3 November 2015 at 09:57 Permalink

    I purchased a basic phone from worldsim one year ago. I carry travel genie for its long lasting battery life, slim design and light weight. The voice quality is very sharp. None pays attention to basic phone but it becomes a a must in the time of remote area visit. I was lucky that I got a free international sim card what cost almost same as the phone.

  38. Gus 2 November 2015 at 11:45 Permalink

    he time from when I started to carry both my phone and tab together, it became very crucial to carry a power bank. I was frustrated about this as I used two power banks before and the service I got was not worth at all. But, I have been using the Huawei power bank for 3 months now without any problem. Thanks Worldsim for introducing me with such a power device.

  39. WiLLi 30 October 2015 at 05:52 Permalink

    None can get the value of a World Travel Adaapter unless suffered for this. I could even not imagined that there’s a product like this. I collected my world travel adapter from, my roaming network carrier. The price is not high, but the service I got from this adapter is worth mentioning.

  40. sandburge 28 October 2015 at 10:34 Permalink

    I must admit that when I got the travel genie as my birthday present, I was hurt. Things been changed when I took it with me on roaming. As it was unlocked, I could use any kind of SIM card I prefered to. Again, the epic thing about this phone set is the battery life. I used to forget last when I charged the device. A very ideal one for roaming.

  41. Heinz 27 October 2015 at 11:04 Permalink

    Well, my focus is on the Dual SIM Phone for my travel is because with this phone I can maintain two different SIM cards. Again, the phone seemed to me ideal for data usage. So, I did not need to carry an additional devcie with me. The voice quality is very clear and sharp. Also, the design is very nice and thus assessed to me as a fantastice travel Gadget.

  42. clein. 26 October 2015 at 07:17 Permalink

    I have 8 months roaming experience with WorldSIM Wifi router and power bank device. I started using the device 8 months before, the time when I landed in any country outside of UK for the first time. I must say that it has the fastest internet providing efficincy ever I had. Takes very less amount of time to get started and spread internet. Saved a lot of money on roaming with this worth device. I have used it in 4 countries and never been kicked down. With power bank option this Trifi is a very unique gadget for my travelling.

  43. rudy. 23 October 2015 at 10:55 Permalink

    Got the WorldSIM USB pen as complementary gift when I returned from my recent tour. When I unboxed it seemed to me that they just sent me a pen. But user manual was a surprise. It has flashlight and laser and data storage, Unbelieveably which can afford data up to 8 GB.

  44. dale 22 October 2015 at 12:41 Permalink

    WorldSIM’s pocket wifi gave a couple of good experiences of travelling. Accessing data on roaming has become a real fun for me now which used to be a nightmare before. During my stay in France, with some of my fellow travel mates, I made a road trip from Avignon to Les Délices du Luberon. Inside the car I turned on the pocket wifi devcie and all of us accessed the data when car was moving. Guys were really happy and thankful.

  45. lancelot 21 October 2015 at 10:59 Permalink

    As an existing WorldSIM customer, I visit their site always. The website is well organized and easy to follow. I have been using the WorldSIM international roaming sim card for a long time because of its price value and easy service quality. Their network covers almost every destinations that I need. Roaming features and facilities are convenient to me.

  46. Burnell 20 October 2015 at 11:10 Permalink

    Last month, I was in Spain with some of my university mates. Found that internet connection was very costly there. I had the worldsim Data roaming SIM card that I used 8 months before. I was not sure whether I can work with this or not. I inserted the sim card and tried to connect. With utter surprise it connected with the very first try and my remaining balance was live.

  47. Nomad 19 October 2015 at 12:32 Permalink

    I have been with the Worldsim international roaming SIM card for a year now. One of my friend advised me to buy an international sim card before leaving to Netherlands. As this was my first tour, I had nothing to do but follow his instructions.I purchased a Worldsim international roaming SIM card from Qatar Airways.Though I had no idea about this company, I was a bit confused about its usability.In Netherlands, I used the SIM card for almost two weeks. By this time, had no issue with this SIM card.Heard a lot of rumours about international roaming SIM card but, to be honest, I experienced no such issue with this SIM card.

  48. Frederick Kunz 15 October 2015 at 12:33 Permalink

    I have been with worldsim card for quite some time now. From time to time I visit their webpage to check for promotional offers. Recently, I saw a very interesting product, WorldSIM’s 7 in 1 Multi Tool Pen. The pen’s unique ability and design allows it to hold any of my phone while watching anything online also it has built in ruler, which I can measure anything handy.

  49. Harley 14 October 2015 at 10:09 Permalink

    Adding a new experience with the worldsim products. Few days back I got my desired micro sd card in the worldsim store and the process was not complicated at all. I ordered for one 32GB and one 64 GB from their store and got the products delivered withing the promised hours. That’s indeed a good sign. The Samsung micro SD card has the potentiality to process ton of information with a blink of an eye. SO I am very happy using both two stuffs.

  50. carl 13 October 2015 at 12:26 Permalink

    When I get a problem free tour it seems to me that I am in heaven. Nothing is so heavenly than a problem free tour outside. Things are going on so smoothly and with greater comfort from the time when I purchased a worldsim data sim card. I got the data sim card with a free credit and it’s really becomes a matter of happiness when I get anything as complementary. Thanks to the guys of worldsim. Again I should not forget thanking them for the wide range of network availability. They got the 4G network so while I am on roaming I will enjoy the fastest network.

  51. bgus 9 October 2015 at 09:56 Permalink

    I recall very well when I visited Australia. Things were very fine and I started to like everything from the very next moment of my arrival on that land. Things were absolutely in my favor until I entered into hotel and plug in my devices. Oppsss, nowhere I could connect and I was very much frustrated in this matter. Later when I came to know about the World travel Adapter I purchased one. Now it has become very much possible for me to plug in all my devices in anywhere of the world. This little gadget actually does the big things for me.

  52. parker 8 October 2015 at 08:26 Permalink

    Couple of days back, I purchased the Krome smart watch from worldsim store. The price was not that much but, to be honest, neither cheap. Now it became more easy for me to do daily tasks. I do not avoid any task but I can now perform all those tasks more conveniently and with less time period. It has some features that I could not believe but , now I am enjoying those features for myself. It is giving me opportunity to perform my works more smartly and it helps me to keep fit.

    • Inge 8 October 2015 at 18:16 Permalink

      I purchased a WorldSim Canadian number with 3 months of service about 6 weeks ago. Loved the convenience. However, now for a week, I can not receive any incoming calls on it, eventhough my account is fully loaded and paid up. I’m disappointed with customer service as they have not been able to solve this outage issue. Now their online form is not working for follow-up on my case. This is unacceptable.

  53. amellgarin 7 October 2015 at 10:44 Permalink

    On roaming, I am very much scared of being lost. But, when I think for a roaming, I would choose a phone which is very much worth for battery life. Cause, on roaming I get very less opportunity to plug my phone in. For all these reasons I chose the Travel Genie. The phone is very worth for traveler. Again, the phone supports dual sim feature and that’s why I can use a domestic network along with an international network.

  54. Emerson 6 October 2015 at 08:57 Permalink

    On my roaming, I have been getting the real fun of connectivity with both the worldsim and the the Travel Genie. I did not expect this much long battery life but I got a lot. When I talked for long hours even the phone battery lasted for a week. This thing is a very strong support for me while i am on roaming. On roaming, I barely can get any chance to charge my phone. This travel genie is prerequisite for travelling. To my understanding, the Travel Genie can help in a great deal to get a easy roaming.

  55. ferdy bcoen 5 October 2015 at 10:51 Permalink

    I am making the best time on my roaming with the philco tab of worldsim. I purchased the product from worldsim online store and got a large discount on the purchase. This make a happy beginning. I now perform all of my phone and pc task with this device. I can now avoid to carrying the laptop because my tab can perform many of its tasks. This is great way to roam with comfort. The tab is very potential to use.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 5 October 2015 at 20:04 Permalink

      What discount did you get?

      • bwin 5 November 2015 at 12:07 Permalink

        The time when I ordered for the tab, there was a promotional offer going on as 5% sale off !

        And, I got a free WorldSIM card and start up credit with in!

  56. Teoboldo Norman 2 October 2015 at 07:42 Permalink

    I was thinking about a data device and few days later I got a gift of smartphone. I am now using the data sim card with. I used the data in many corners of the world and I can say that I am overall happy with the data SIM card. The tariff is not much high but can easily be tolerated. Supports 3G. Love it.

  57. binberty 30 September 2015 at 07:46 Permalink

    I was planning for a travel data solution. Luckily, I got the ultimate data solution for free. When I spent £50 with the worldsim international roaming sim card, I got a free USB modem from worldsim. Great Pleasure indeed. The usb modem is too good to go with. The modem connects to the internet with a great speed and takes even less than five seconds. When I open multiple window with this device, it never went down.

  58. stein 27 September 2015 at 10:51 Permalink

    The USB pen of worldsim is pack of surprise to me. The pen is so worth to deal with different tasks. It has some features that I can use in so many ways. Likely, the laser light that is included with this product can be used for both serious and funny tasks. The pen is also so potential to transfer the data between my pc and phone. It has a very trustful data storage. This pen can carry my data which limits in 8GB. Which is very pretty enough for me.

  59. falke 23 September 2015 at 10:48 Permalink

    The worth international roaming SIM card is worldsim. I roam around the world very frequently and this is why I do need a very authentic connection, which will have a ample network connection and rate must be the cheaper one. Experiencing with a quite good numbers of roaming SIM cards, my recommendation will go for worldsim. I have no complaint against them till now.

  60. casparr 21 September 2015 at 11:43 Permalink

    About one month back, I was searching for ‘special offers’ in and my sight caught the view that they had the Selfie stick what I was planning to purchase to few days. It’s great to buy from them because they have the faster home delivery service. The selfie stick is so worth to take with. It connects to my phone very promptly. For the time being, I never had a operation failure with this product. So cunning.

  61. pepin 20 September 2015 at 10:39 Permalink

    At last got a constant companion for travelling. The Orbizz phone doing great work for me. This unlocked phone is fantastic as I can insert sim cards very randomly. So, I am not just engaged with a certain network connection. This a real advantage to reduce my travel cost. Whenever I roam around in different countries, I make a good many calls to my home and this really cost a lot. But orbizz reduced it as a SIM card was inserted inside and this is very worth way. The operating system of this phone is good enough to cope with my demands.

  62. Aurik 15 September 2015 at 10:19 Permalink

    I love Philco because of its simplest operating system and nice graphic work. I felt craving for the tab when I read all its configuration and it did not betray the way I wanted it. Second important thing about this tab I should say its incredible battery life what is a precondition for all travelers. The back camera is good enough to snap your desired shots and moreover there’s flash option which is really worth mentioning. Never stumbled with operations. Happily experienced!!

  63. rocco 14 September 2015 at 09:49 Permalink

    I used Alcatel onetouch for a quite a good time. I would say that the device has come to survive in the extreme competitive market. Takes a very little amount of time to get connected. The biggest network provider. Connects up to 15 devices. Highly smart to create an wifi zone very instantly. This is the real fun dealing with this product. Again, should be used as a data storage as supports micro SD card. Very light weight and suit to my pocket. Doing great with the WorldSIM data SIM card. Highly recommended!!

  64. joshkakoen 10 September 2015 at 09:16 Permalink

    I love that the WorldSIM getting diversified in the sense of various products from different atmosphere. This time got a micro SD card from their online store. The price is not less than that of my local market but WorldSIM is a symbol of credibility to me and this is why I am really very happy getting it . With the same space the newly purchased card can contain more photos, videos, songs and happy moments! Delighted !!!!

  65. bienvenida 8 September 2015 at 09:52 Permalink

    God bless my son as he lent me his Huawei Hotspot which I took from him before going to Spain. All over the country, I surfed internet with 4G speed constant. While, I along with my friends travelled we used the device to create a hotspot and everyone accessed the data. This provided a fantastic service and always I remember how worth it was. The WorldSIM data SIM card also favored me with a brilliant service. The bright monitor of this device is very convenient to operate all the actions. Most comfort goes with this product is that it takes very few time, even less than five secs to connect to the internet. Thanks to Alan, Huawei & WorldSIM .

  66. Faustus 4 September 2015 at 09:44 Permalink

    Brilliant step up from the international roaming SIM company, WorldSIM. I think the tab they introduced to us really worth to go with for roaming. The tab has a great potentiality to work for long hours and the battery really supports operations for several hours. It is different from other tab as it has two speakers in the front side and this makes the fun of playing games condensed and the graphic work seems to me really tremendous.

  67. alexis 2 September 2015 at 10:38 Permalink

    I got, so far, three different products from the same company. I use WorldSIM International roaming SIM card, their Orbizz phone and my latest product is the Huawei Mifi. Though the mifi product of WorldSIM is newly launched but I had no confusion as I already gathered a high estimation using the two products previously. The mifi is very convenient to use and it’s monitor helps to operate it more accurately. It can create my own Wifi zone very promptly and I know how to make the best use of this internet device. Very much satisfied!

  68. den 31 August 2015 at 10:00 Permalink

    Nothing to worry about the heavy billing of International call while roaming, when you get the WorldSIM international sim card along with. I have been using the sim card for more than one year and I know how to get the best from this SIM card. Apart from its minimized call rate, there are some more options to enjoy. Likely, the virtual number. With this service I set 8 countries’ landline no to my WorldSIM no. and people from these eight countries call me at a very local call rate.

  69. den 30 August 2015 at 11:33 Permalink

    I am user of Huawei Pocket wifi. When I purchased it, got a free data SIM card from WorldSIM. I thought that let’s get a check an if it fails then I can easily switch to another network as the device is truly unlocked. But, luckily the SIm card is really good to write about. I got the availability of its network almost in every countries.

  70. augustin 26 August 2015 at 11:11 Permalink

    I needed 3 things very badly and of course to be combined in a lone device. One is a WiFi device, 4G speed and capability to work for long hours. So as per my search result and budget I selected the Alcatel 4G WiFi hotspot . I purchased the product from WorldSIM and I received a free data SIM card with a welcome credit. In short, I am very happy using the device because I got everything within this lone device what I really craved for.

  71. Livado 24 August 2015 at 11:11 Permalink

    I purchased the 7in1 Multi Tool Pen from the WorldSIM store. The pen is not something what we concept about a conventional pen. It’s something very different what added some fun and more tech inside a pen. Friends get thundered when I open a cold drink bottle with my pen and measure something without finding a ruler from my bag. Even the task related to a screw driver is also possible by this pen and I should thank this pen for holding my heavy phone for hours.

  72. Valentina 23 August 2015 at 09:25 Permalink

    I have been using the WorldSIM network for more than two years. And, at times I like to visit their website to find better offers and promotions. Few days back, suddenly I stumbled seeing that they are selling power bank pen. Ordered one and it was a real happiness when I could see that my pen is charging my phone while I am in survival circumstance. Moreover, this power bank can save up to 8 GB data inside. Interesting !!!

  73. Valentina 23 August 2015 at 08:33 Permalink

    I placed an order for Huawei USB Modem last month. And I got the product one day delayed regarding the expected day. I was bothered but I am now a fan of that WorldSIM as getting a brilliant service from both the device and WorldSIM network. The device takes very less time to get started and its really fun to start a data session with any device. Again with this USB modem there’s no hassle to maintain the product. And, while roaming in different destinations I use the WorldSIM’s strong network which is very available and cheap.

  74. Gunte 19 August 2015 at 10:52 Permalink

    Undoubtedly the WorldSIM is the only international network provider which provides with some basic travel friendly features that really help me for making the best moments of my travel experience. They have very good qualified of people in support team, I am really pleased with their service. The online top up gathers more convenience. What I enjoyed most is that the Virtual Number. By adding those numbers to my WorldSIM no, I made it very easy for many guys reach me with a very low cost.

  75. Gilly 17 August 2015 at 10:21 Permalink

    I felt the real necessity of an unlocked dual SIM phone while I flew overseas for the first time in Finland. There my iPhone did not work. And for both domestic call and International outgoing call I needed a dual SIM phone. Only for this phone set, I had to cost a lot of money. As soon as, I backed in UK, I made no delay to buy a phone. I purchased the WorlSIM’s Orbizz phone. I used it for many following tours and honestly I can say that I am 100% satisfied with its service . Every feature of this phone simply outstanding.

  76. Gaby 13 August 2015 at 10:25 Permalink

    This worldsim international sim card came to me a bit late. Cause, I needed it much more before and I could possibly avoid a lot of time and money. I now do not worry landing in some countries, especially in African countries what my previous networks did not support and many other countries I had to fight to get involved into a network. They are smart and installed their support center with some people who really know how to treat with the customers. When I used T-mobile and called their support team I had to hear the same quote everytime, likely Sir, out system is down today , we are sorry for keeping you waiting for long while. No one will believe that they even kept me waiting for more than 15 minutes! Horrible !!! But I got the professional behavior from the Worldsim.

  77. jay.w 11 August 2015 at 10:16 Permalink

    After wasting a good sum of money at last I got a true gadget that can help me roam for problem free . The Trifi seems to me that the best device in my life which possess data with great speed and not only for me it has potentiality to emerge data up to ten devices and that’s really a great help in the time of roaming with soul mates. Not only it possesses data it also charge my tab and smart phone. And, the additional feature of storing data is cool enough to stay outside of uk with greater fun.

  78. Martin 5 August 2015 at 10:45 Permalink

    If I am to perfectly judge the Worldsim with the basis of using the network nearly for two years, I must say enjoyed the best tariff through the time long . Never faced any issue that embarrassed me with extra billing or deducting an extra charge. And, on roaming, you will not like to be out of network connection and I can guarantee you that I through the one year, never experienced red network signal.

  79. Linda 1 August 2015 at 15:13 Permalink

    Quite nice service in Brazil with cheap rate. Enjoyed the very flat rate. As a traveler I always stay afraid of making calls because the tariff for international call is never cheap how much time I been through. Luckily I got idea to google for this I found WorldSIM very honest to deal with customers and the rate that I can afford.

  80. taiboo 31 July 2015 at 14:22 Permalink

    Just heard from my friend that WorldSIM diversified with their products and I searched in their website and ordered the USB Pen. Its finest experience that my pen store data and that is not little in amount but 8GB. Rally fantastic! It can transfer data and the Flash light and laser added some extra benefit in my life.

  81. Wilson 28 July 2015 at 10:31 Permalink

    Being it a unlocked phone, favored me to use any SIM card whatever I liked. And, it’s a great additional bonus for me getting a WorldSIM global roaming SIM card for free. Thanks. After reaching Hungary I purchased another SIM card Magyar Telekom. I used both the SIM cards with the Orbizz and faced no issue. I used navigation and it worked fine. The phone was very helpful in sense of entertainment. I read many books from e-library and downloaded many of them. Internet speed is satisfactory and battery life is rich. If one plan to enjoy a trip without hassle and budget is not of iPhone, then I suggest to got for Orbizz. At least, the phone set is proven to me and that’s why I recommend.

  82. SAbdullah 27 July 2015 at 08:42 Permalink

    In New Zealand I had fun in surfing internet beside the hills with scenic beauty. I was quite doubtful about connection and I had purchased another roaming sim card apart from WorldSIM. But I got very fast and smooth internet connection and sent hundreds of pic to my different social sites. It’s really fun sharing one’s best moment with family members and dear ones. Very frequently I shared my data service with other friends and I was out of empty battery risk because the Trifi has a vast power bank. Love it!!!

  83. SAbdullah 27 July 2015 at 08:29 Permalink

    It was really incredible! Whatever WorldSIM advertised on their website, they really mean it. I compared their rates with many other global roaming partners and got them to be cheaper. I added a few more what they mentioned in their website as always they deduct some hidden charge. After completion of whole tour I calculated total expenditure and got that, for the first time I am in my budget and in regard of telecommunication cost I benefitted some $. This is really a good experience and I should say supportive too, cause during visit you count every single pence . So this is why I highly recommend you to choose WorldSIM.

  84. Charles 16 July 2015 at 10:06 Permalink

    I vote willfully to the new product of worldsim, the Huawei Mifi. I used it in Cape town and later in Brussels and Paris along with some other places. Got a very good service from their side and tremendously used data in every respective place. Network was quite satisfactory. The device possessed data into different devices with much competency.

  85. Nicholson 13 July 2015 at 10:07 Permalink

    Before this I used T-Mobile 4G LTE Hotspot Z915 but I did not get the proper connectivity what I expected. Then I purchased WorldSIM Huawei MiFi. It’s far better than T-Mobile. Now I create my whole car a Wifi zone and with all the friends surf through internet while time to roam for a longer distance. Satisfied, at least.

  86. NathanT 9 July 2015 at 06:22 Permalink

    I think I made a wise decision purchasing the Orbizz phone. Worldsim did a brilliant job. If anyone think for a mid-range smartphone, then I say simply go for Orbizz beyond all doubt. I used it in different countries and with different weather it did not made any trouble. I used it in Spain, Belgium and South Africa and I got either 3G or 4G speed and never went down to it. it supports all types soft and never hang for performing multi-function.

  87. Ggibson 8 July 2015 at 08:58 Permalink

    Roaming with the fastest 4G internet speed. Not got steady in a certain page as like AT&T Unite 4G or ZTE T Mobile 4G. Delivered quite pretty internet access and I just flicked those to my virtual friends. On screen display I can monitor data usage, battery life and check internet signal. Fortunately, I did not have to face weak signal anytime. I appreciate Worldsim for their brilliant step for global connectivity.

  88. Jminkey 2 July 2015 at 11:16 Permalink

    What must for me on roaming, hearing my daughter’s tweety voice every hour. Even, it’s also hellish for her to stay without talking to her papa. I paid a lot with some other network providers. No more, I just want to put an end here. Though I am supposed to make frequent call, I surfed internet for a cheaper and safer connection. And, I found none better than worldsim. Specially the rate is very much convincing.

  89. Jluke 24 June 2015 at 11:23 Permalink

    As an employee of a tourism board, I have been using Worldsim since August2013 and I still can’t believe how lucky I am compared to some guys who still hooked up with other networks paying a heavy cost. I found some SIM companies just add country names on their website and I was cheated as they did not cover a good range of network coverage. So, I would recommend to guys who travel frequently to remote destinations might have a try with WorldSIM. To me, it’s far better.

  90. Ctousiif 17 June 2015 at 11:57 Permalink

    I really love the device I purchased from Worldsim which defined a broaden atmosphere in my travelling. Formerly, I was very much afraid of data connection bill while I’m outside of home but now I even do not hesitate to connect my other devices. What more, on my roaming, I do not hesitate to snap thousands of photos because I charge my phone with this trifi power bank. Travelling memories are now uninterrupted and endless.

  91. ZeinN 11 June 2015 at 11:50 Permalink

    I went to the market for buying a wifi device. I saw this trifi and found that it just not a wifi device. Apart from this, it can perform more which from I can benefit on roaming. Many a times, while travelling, I charged my phone with this. Just loving it.

  92. Nathan 9 June 2015 at 09:27 Permalink

    I hesitated to pay £ 110 for the trifi device of WorldSIM. But, now using it for over two months I think I’m getting more actually what I paid for. I used it in several countries without any issue. It’s several facilities made my travelling more convenient.

  93. NSheild 5 June 2015 at 10:55 Permalink

    Great network service provider. A very needful SIM card with features adopted for travelers. I love to use it while roaming. Free incoming call and virtual number just saved my money in a big deal. I recommend WorldSIM to guys who travel frequently. Just check and decide.

  94. Adam 15 May 2015 at 10:30 Permalink

    I went through several networks before. But, WorldSIM Global Roaming SIM card is really good. Being under the coverage of biggest network and use it almost with a lowest tariff on the WorldSIM. I can hear the voice just clear as it can be. And, new revolutionary feature Virtual Phone Number added more freedom in roaming.

  95. William G 7 April 2015 at 07:49 Permalink

    Yes, absolutely. The tri fi is a big need for traveling these days. I had used it very recently just on a trial basis. It is great. Specially the pocket wifi feature and the power pack. All the great features coming in one device is something that is everyone need when traveling, as you want to carry as less as possible and this one is the one that we need when traveling.

  96. Cooper 18 March 2015 at 10:34 Permalink

    The TriFi I would say is a great device. On my vacation, the tri fi was a replacement to all my travel adapters and purchasing it was an exception to my journey. I would recommend it if you are traveling to those countries where charging your devices is an issue.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 20 March 2015 at 13:51 Permalink

      How much did you pay for it? And what do you think about the size?

      • Cooper 23 March 2015 at 07:03 Permalink

        I paid $89.99 for the Trifi with the offer still going till the end of March. The size is slightly bigger that would not fit simply in your pocket, it is more like a box type, that can be placed anywhere in your room and you can carry it in your handbag if you want if you are traveling.

  97. Cherry H 10 March 2015 at 10:58 Permalink

    WorldSIM cards were difficult to understand during my use for the first time. Required assistance understanding the product and its features. Simply went through their Support page called Self service hub, most of my issues were present there and so managed to sort my issues accordingly. Unlike other roaming Sim cards, I didn’t require contacting the support for assistance.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 20 March 2015 at 14:00 Permalink

      Can you explain the issues you were having?

      • Cherry H 27 March 2015 at 06:53 Permalink

        Well the issues included to understand what profiles were and what were the RPN. How to search for different network providers and so on. A customer who never has used a roaming SIM card would not know the difference between the two until they have used the SIM card. For me the SIM user guide and the Self service hub of WorldSIM helped a lot to use the SIM card efficiently.

        • Collins 16 April 2015 at 12:48 Permalink

          I also had similar issues. Thanks to Customer Service helping me out with these issues when I was using the SIM card for the first time.

  98. DBrooks 26 February 2015 at 10:45 Permalink

    Got a worldsim for my vacation trip last year to UAE. Reached UAE and plugged the SIM card for a connection. It connected to the Etisalat network and was able to call back home. Enjoyed the trip and came back home after 3 weeks. To my astonishment my entire bill for UAE did not exceed my allowance and was happy to have a saving out of the trip.

  99. Dragonblaster 23 February 2015 at 18:45 Permalink

    I got a WorldSIM for my iPad Air: they will cut the SIM card down from full size to mini or nano when you order, so no trimming was necessary to fit it. Instant internet access in Turkey and China, even when on the bus!

    I have just bought the Tri-Fi at a price of £62.49 including recorded delivery. It looks like just what I have wanted for years.

  100. George 13 February 2015 at 11:14 Permalink

    The best feature of the phone is the dual SIM management, and is unlocked is a cherry on the top. I can use any SIM in this phone and can also use the WorldSIM. Great phone!

  101. B Ramchandran 4 February 2015 at 07:44 Permalink

    Used the SIM card in Germany and now in Singapore. Never had an issue using the SIM card in Germany, got network immediately upon landing, and was with the network till the end of my trip. Making calls are like regular in Europe, but in Singapore, it uses callback which is a delay feature. If this can be worked out to be straight calling method, then it would be good to recommend! Otherwise good product!

  102. Joseph 2 February 2015 at 12:11 Permalink

    I got the Orbiz phone off a discount, which allowed me to use any other SIM card along with the WorldSIM card in it. Great products I believe. I would look forward if they would introduce a roaming sim card without having to select location every time.

  103. Rashed 19 January 2015 at 06:20 Permalink

    Sure, the products are amazing. The latest TriFi and the Virtual Numbers are a boom to the low cost effective traveling. Great initiative. I am heading soon to get a Canadian number for my recent travel and the TriFi.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 20 January 2015 at 05:36 Permalink

      What does the “TriFi” do?

      • Rashed 20 January 2015 at 05:44 Permalink

        Well, it is a portable hotspot, mobile power bank and external storage device that allows you to connect up to 10 devices via the WorldSIM Data SIM card, has a 5200 mAh power bank for recharging, and you can connect an MicroSD card to get up to 32GB space.

        Great product!

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