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Unlimited Free Texts

There are many options to get unlimited texts on PAYG. This page describes the best ways to get free SMS messages on PAYG phones in the UK.


Giffgaff used to be undoubtedly the best PAYG network for free texts. It used to be possible to buy an unlimited free texts goodybag for only £5/month.

However, this goodybag has now been withdrawn. Luckily you can still get unlimited free texts for cheap with a goodybag that costs just £7.50. Just order a free SIM with £5 free credit to get started. The extra money means that you get 200 included minutes and 250MB of data too as well as texts. Best of all, even if you don’t buy a goodybag, and you will get free texts and unlimited calls to all other Giffgaff customers all the time. It doesn’t get any cheaper than this! And the texts are truly unlimited – you really can send as many as you want every month.

Don’t delay, get a free Giffgaff SIM with unlimited free texts now and you’ll get £5 free credit preloaded.


3 have an interesting deal on PAYG. While you can’t get truly unlimited texts, you can get an add-on bundle of 3000 texts a month for just £5. That’s about 100 texts a day at only roughly 17p a day.

Order a free 3 SIM card now to take advantage of this offer.


O2 also has some pretty good deals for unlimited free texts on PAYG once you get a free SIM. If you choose their “Text & Web” plan you get unlimited UK texts if you top-up £30 or more. The “O2 Unlimited” tariff gives you unlimited texts to all O2 mobiles as long as you top-up at least £10. Plus there is a “Simplicity Unlimited” tariff that gives you free texts for only £7.50 per month.

Get your free O2 SIM with unlimited free texts.


T-Mobile‘s offer for free texts isn’t as good but you can get 30 days of free unlimited texts with the £10 “30 Day Text Booster” once you’ve received your free SIM. Another option is to use their Weekend Texts reward – if you top-up £10 between Monday to Friday and text “weekend text” to 441, you get free unlimited texts to UK mobiles at the weekend.

Get a free T-Mobile SIM now.


PAYG Orange customers can also get unlimited texts along with their free SIM. As long as you’re on the “Dolphin“, “Canary” or “Monkey” plan you can text “TEXTS 5” to 6620 for unlimited texts for a month for only £7.50.

Get a free SIM from Orange for free texts.


If you have a free PAYG SIM from Vodafone, as long as you top-up £5 of credit during the week you get unlimited free texts at the weekend.

Alternatively, you can buy the £30 Freedom Freebie to get unlimited minutes as well as unlimited texts plus a bonus of 1GB of mobile data.

Order free Vodafone SIM card today.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile have changed their deal for unlimited free texts on PAYG once you get a free SIM. If you top-up £15 then choose their Big Data & Texts option, you get unlimited free texts for a month (although there is a fair use limit of 3000). You also get unlimited data (subject to “fair use”) and keep your £15 top-up balance. Your second option is to use Big Talk instead which also gives you free texts and your £15 airtime balance but instead of the data allowance you get 120 UK mobile minutes and unlimited UK landline minutes.

Get your free Virgin SIM with unlimited free texts.

Tesco Mobile

There’s a way to get (almost) unlimited texts if you’re a Tesco Mobile PAYG customer. You can get a bundle of 5000 texts a month for just £5 by calling 2709 free from your mobile. While this is not truly unlimited, it’s more than 161 texts a day every day which should be enough for anyone!

Order a Tesco Mobile SIM card today for 5000 texts for £5.


Finally, TalkMobile also have a similar deal on their PAYG Rewards tariff. While calls costs are quite expensive, you can get “unlimited” free texts for only £15 per month. You can also get it for shorter periods too – £5/week or £10/14 days. However, you should be aware that they only allow you to send 3000 texts per month so it’s not truly unlimited even if you do get about 100 texts a day.

Order a Talk Mobile SIM card today for “unlimited” texts from only £5.

TalkMobile SIMple

TalkMobile also have another unlimited texts deal that costs £30.64 a month but actually turns out to be incredible value as it also includes unlimited calls. It’s called their SIMpleunlimited plan and is available on a rolling monthly contracts.

Get your free TalkMobile SIM with unlimited free texts and minutes.

Delight Mobile

Delight Mobile have recently introduced a great-value deal for unlimited free texts that they promise will let you “text till your fingers are sore”! Once you have a PAYG SIM card from them, you can buy their Unlimited UK Text Bundle for just £5. Just text the registration code “REG DMTEXT” to 345. It gives you unlimited free SMS for a month to any UK network.


A more-than-worthy competitor to the crown is Vectone’s amazing £5 Pay Monthly deal. While this is technically a rolling contract deal, the price is too good to ignore. For your money not only do you get unlimited texts but they also throw in 100 any-network minutes and 100MB of internet data. How about that? Unfortunately you don’t get free calls to other Vectone mobiles and there is a fair use limit of 3000 SMS messages per month but it’s still a fantastic deal.

This deal from Vectone is no longer available 🙁

Other ways to get unlimited texts?

Please leave a comment below if you have any corrections or if you know of any other way to get free SMS texts that we’ve not mentioned on this page. Thanks.

Free PAYG SIM with unlimited free texts

Many networks offer free Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM cards. These free SIM cards sometimes even come with free credit once you activate them so you can start making calls right away. Below is a list of mobile networks that will offer free SIM cards and unlimited free texts.

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  1. Diane Worwood 17 August 2017 at 14:33 Permalink

    Tried several times to get monthly texts on 6620 for £7.50 and cant, why is that

  2. Annie 28 September 2015 at 10:55 Permalink

    If you have a bt landline or a virginmedia landline both are offering sim card pay as you go for £5 per mth providing unlimted uk texts, 250mb data and 250 mins talk time per mth.

  3. Jack S 28 September 2014 at 22:01 Permalink

    Other virtual networks worth a look for cheao calls texts data or international rates are toggle white mobile,kontakt,talkhome mobile and nowmobile

  4. ioscorpio 7 June 2013 at 14:47 Permalink

    Ovivo gives free Ovivo to Ovivo texts and calls, not to mention free data.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 7 June 2013 at 14:50 Permalink

      That’s true. However, it’s limited to only OVIVO customers and they don’t offer any unlimited texts packages to all UK networks.

  5. Khairul 18 April 2013 at 01:05 Permalink

    Quite outdated.

    From 14th May 2013, giffgaff will be replacing its £5 texts package with a new £7.50 one which will have minutes and data as well as unlimited texts. Unlimited texts will no longer be available as a standalone bundle.

    The Vectone contract you mentioned is no longer available.

    T-Mobile’s 30 Day Text Booster now costs £10.

    The texts “extra” on Orange now costs £7.50. It is available on the Canary tariff as well as Dolphin and Monkey.

    Virgin’s payg tariff has now changed.

    You may want to add Delight’s UK text bundle.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 18 April 2013 at 14:20 Permalink

      You’re right, this is getting a little out of date now. We’re working on getting the latest information included. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. Sal 12 October 2011 at 12:13 Permalink

    You’ve not mentioned vectone, they offer a tarrif for 5pound a month, which gives unlimited text, capped to 3000. and 100 minutes and 100mb internet. That beats everyone on this list. even giffgaff. You need to put this on this list!! It’s the bargain of the century!!!

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