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18 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Our comparison table just got better


That’s right. The most detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive comparison of the UK’s mobile phone networks just got better.

We originally built our comparison table to help you work out which mobile network offers the best deal for you. We think that by giving you all the information, you’ll be able to choose the best value network for your specific needs and usage patterns. Many mobile networks advertise with misleading graphics that only quote some of their prices and even hide their costs from their websites – this puts all the relevant costs in one place.

We were the first and, despite being copied many times over the years, we still think we’re the best. To keep our comparison table up-to-date and relevant we’ve put a ton of work in over the last few weeks to manually check all the details and update tariffs and pricing. We also added dozens of new networks to the sample including Talkxtra, Wildlife Mobile, Econet, Kontakt Mobile, Lomo Mobile, Simple Call Mobile, Smart Pinoy and Talk Home Mobile. We now offer a total of 45 different tariffs to compare!

Other tweaks we’ve made include restyling the same to make room for a frequently-requested Voicemail column. Also, after working to make sure we’re the most up-to-date site on the web for UK mobile phone coverage maps and 4G signal figures, we updated all the coverage columns on the comparison table to the latest figures.

As a result, it’s the only network comparison chart that really includes everything. And to make life easier, we designed it so that you can sort any column in ascending or descending order so you can instantly see which networks have the best prices. This helps you save money in the simplest way possible.

To top it all off, we’re offering a colour-coded PDF of our table as a completely free download. This makes it really easy to see at-a-glance which networks offer the best value and it’s perfect for printing out to refer to.

As ever, we welcome your thoughts and comments. And if you notice anything that’s out of date or any inaccuracies please let us know. Thanks!

11 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Roaming charges gone by 2015

eu connections

Goodbye roaming charges? Following our recent story about the EU’s latest cut in roaming charges, there’s even more good news on the horizon for consumers travelling with their phones. Earlier this year, the European Parliament voted to completely abolish roaming charges throughout the EU. The measures will come into force on 15 December 2015.

The EU has been standing up against greedy mobile networks for several years now. It’s already brought in legislation over the last few years that have slashed costs for holiday-makers and businesspeople using their phones abroad.

The existing bill has already guaranteed 90% discounts on wholesale pricing of data and have seen call charges fall by about 50% for calls and texts.

Operators will no longer be able to charge extra when people use their phones in any of the EU’s twenty eight member states. This includes not only calls and texts but also mobile internet usage.

The new legislation states that customers will be given “the confidence to stay connected when they travel in the Union without being subject to additional charges over and above the tariffs which they pay in the Member State where their contract was concluded”.

However, mobile networks are up in arms about the changes as it means they’ll no longer be able to make obscene profit margins on travelling consumers. Excessive roaming charges have been an easy source of income for international communications conglomerates and, as people travel more and with the rise of data-hungry smartphones, they’ve been revelling in the easy money roaming fees allow them.

According to research conducted by the European Commission, UK mobile users paid over £100 million in roaming charges in 2013. This is despite the fact that the true costs are a tiny fraction of this and that most people turn off roaming to avoid being hit by huge fees.

Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner for digital affairs said:

“This vote is the EU delivering for citizens. This is what the EU is all about – getting rid of barriers to make life easier and less expensive. We should know what we are buying, we should not be ripped off, and we should have the opportunity to change our mind.”

However, the networks are already fighting back. Even the legislation is designed to open up greater economies of scale though industry consolidation and the prediction that they might only lose a tiny percentage of their revenues, a coalition of networks rhas warned that the cost of domestic calls could rise to pay for it.

Not content with years of easy money, operators and virtual networks including Three, Virgin Media, France’s Free and Italy’s FastWeb and CoopItalia have made threats of blackmail claiming that since this new bill bans one of their most profitable business practices, they could respond by sabotaging the roll out of 4G services.

The roaming coalition is hoping for an amendment before the bill passes its final hurdle this autumn, when it goes before the council of EU ministers.

What do you think? Are roaming charges still too high even after the EU’s price-capping intervention? Do you think it’s a good thing that they are being abolished altogether? And is it fair for networks to charge consumers more if they get cut off from this revenue stream? Let us know what you think!

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04 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Tons of mobile coverage updates

4g mobile

With the UK’s 4G rollout now in full swing, we’ve been kept busy making massive updates to our coverage comparison table. We have also been updating all the individual coverage pages for each network with the latest figures to ensure that everything is completely up-to-date.

The main networks have been increasing their 3G coverage over the last few years in order to meet Ofcom’s requirements. Sadly, other mobile network coverage websites haven’t been keeping up with these changes but we believe we’ve currently got the most accurate data listed in our tables.

We’ve also made substantial updates to our dedicated 4G coverage page as more and more towns, cities and airports have their 4G signals turned on. On this page of our site, you can see all the coverage figures in one place and also check which virtual networks have activated their 4G services. We’re also maintaining a list of the frequencies each network is using for their 4G connectivity.

Finally, we’ve gone to a lot of effort to add details for more networks to our coverage section. We now have individual coverage pages and UK mobile signal coverage maps for – count ‘em! – 43 UK mobile networks! We believe this is the most comprehensive list of coverage figures anywhere on the web. The new networks we’ve added include Donate Mobile, Allpay Mobile, Banana Mobile, C Mobile, The Co-operative Mobile, Freedomtalk Mobile, RSPCA Mobile, Talkxtra Mobile, Wildlife Mobile, Econet, Kontakt Mobile, Lomo Mobile, Simple Call Mobile, Smart Pinoy and Talk Home Mobile.

As ever, please let us know what you think and if you have any ideas for improvements. And definitely drop us a comment if you notice anything that’s out of date or any inaccuracies or discrepancies and we’ll sort it out to make sure we stay the most detailed and up-to-date resource online for UK mobile coverage.

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