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What is a mobile network?

A mobile network operator is a telephone company that provides services for mobile phone users. Such services include allowing their customers to make voice and videos calls, send SMS messages (texts) and MMS messages (picture messages) and access the internet.

Free SIM cards, PAYG or contract, unlimited text deals

Different mobile networks offer different prices for their various services and some have better or worse mobile coverage in a certain region or for a certain technology. For example, some networks are Pay As You Go (PAYG) only and some offer contracts. Many networks give out free SIM cards or have offers that provide unlimited texts for a certain price. Others even have the option of unlimited data or unlimited calls.

Mobile telecommunications

One essential characteristic that defines a mobile network operator is that they must have acquired a radio spectrum license from government agencies before they can provide a mobile phone service on the airwaves within a country. The extent of the spectrum obtained depends on the type of mobile phone technology the operator intends to deploy. For example, GSM and 3G communications require a different frequency range. The operator must also deploy essential equipment in order to offer the services, most notably the radio transmitter network and the core network.

Best UK mobile networks

There are several mobile networks available in the UK. Following are some examples of the most popular ones:

Main operators

Virtual operators

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  1. Rita 17 January 2017 at 00:10 Permalink

    Hi, could I please have an Unlock PIN for my phone as I purchased it on holidays and now that I am back home I can’t use it unless I change to a Aus network.

  2. BML 19 June 2015 at 18:42 Permalink

    Have I missed a mention of BT on the Mobile Network Comparison and if so where is it? I have an interest in them because yesterday I swapped O2 PAYG for the BT 500 MB Plan and for 90% of the time am unable to get a signal.

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    Do you have a mobile internet service for my laptop computer via a dongle. If so details please & cost.

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    I found giffgaff the most abysmal network provider one can experience.Over 100 hours and still waiting to get set up.

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