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ASDA Mobile

ASDA Mobile started out in April 2007 and is run by the supermarket ASDA. It’s a virtual network that relies on Vodafone and, like its parent company, it focuses on a no-frills low-cost business model. ASDA Mobile’s extremely low prices have won it national awards and its phones and SIM cards are offered in hundreds of stores across the UK.

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Along with Giffgaff, ASDA Mobile offers the cheapest rates in the UK on PAYG or otherwise (Tesco Mobile, Family Mobile and TalkMobile also offer special tariffs with equally low costs). (As of 1 June 2011, ASDA Mobile have increased their rates by up to 50% – however, they are still one of the cheapest mobile networks in the UK). They are much much cheaper than other networks such as 3 and there are some really big savings to be had. For example, compared to 3, if you just make 1.5 hours of calls and 50 texts a month, you would save over £15 every month (£12.00 on ASDA instead of £28.90 on 3). They even have several bundles now to save even more money and an incredibly low PAYG data rate.

And despite the rock bottom prices, there’s no skimping on quality. They use the Vodafone network so coverage is exactly the same as if you were paying Vodafone prices. Although, this means you should check the signal in your local area because Vodafone can be a little patchy. The customer service is also amongst the best in the industry.

Do bear in mind that you might need to unlock your handset to use it on ASDA and that the phones sold in store aren’t always at the lowest prices available. Another problem is that you have to get ASDA vouchers to top-up which aren’t available everywhere.

However, despite these small niggles, the incredible value offered by ASDA more than makes up for it. They are easily one of the cheapest networks in the UK and thousands of people who were on one of the main providers before are learning that they can save £100s every year simply by switching. ASDA are a great budget virtual network.

PAYG Pricing

At a glance

Calls: 8pTexts: 4p Data: 50p/MBMMS: 25p0800: 10p0870: 10p


As already mentioned, ASDA has amazingly cheap rates. You may not believe it after paying many times more with other networks, but all calls to UK mobiles and landlines are only 8p/minute and texts are just 4p each. And it doesn’t stop there – voicemail is only 10p/minute too and, even though the price has been increased to 50p/MB, data is still great value.


Not only that, but there are great deals on offer with ASDA Mobile Bundles. You can buy 500 texts for only £12 which puts them at just 2.4p each. Or, the Talkaholic Bundle gives you 500 minutes for just £20 which works out as a bargain 4p/minute. This is about as good value as it’s possible to get.

Price comparison

To compare ASDA’s latest pricing with that of other networks, please see our price comparison matrix.



2G coverage: 99%3G coverage: 93%

Coverage map

ASDA Mobile runs on the EE network. Please see the our ASDA coverage page to learn the network coverage in your area. For more information, compare it with other mobile phone networks’ coverage.


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ASDA Mobile, 3.6 out of 5 based on 63 ratings
by Jon M

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  1. Frank 31 March 2016 at 23:01 Permalink

    I/ve been using Asda for some years now I use on average about 7 to £9
    on mobile calls, I have never had any trouble with Asda, Ok there was a time about a year ago when they moved to another network provider and that was a prob as all credit went down the drain, but now alls fixed it seems…..happy enough

  2. Natalie Levitt 26 March 2016 at 14:30 Permalink

    I switched to Asda from Saintsbury’s, £5 bundle lasted me maximum 2 weeks just to call home.recently my £5 bundle ended in 4 days.There is no way for me to trace my calls but customer service emailed me that I made 55 minutes call when I was traveling on the bus and shopping, there is no way I made this call.Now I put another £5 and was told before my previous bundle runs out in a month I can’t purchase another bundle.Very rip off, would not advise to deal with them.Looking for better provider however their system is very similar,will start with £5 and end up paying a lot more.

  3. Kay 28 August 2015 at 07:34 Permalink

    I lost my cherished mobile number (worth over £1,000) as was not told that after 90 days of no OUTGOING calls, the SIM gets suspended. Asda telephone support had no clue about this EE catch and wasted time trying to to recover it. By the time EE got involved, the number was out of my hands. Furthermore, both Asda and EE had no ‘reference’ on their system to the cherished number – just a SIM number but nothing they claimed connected it to the number itself (which was previously ported across from Orange). I found that hard to believe – how could you not know what your client’s mobile number is – even the PPI spammers seem to achieve this rather well. I had had this fab number with Orange for over 10 years – but lost it in an instant with Asda Mobile. Customer Service is absolutely shambolic. There is not an ounce of lie in that last sentence. This truly is a bad set up and I would never recommend them as long as I stay alive, purely on the basis that both Asda and EE is an incompetent and amateur partnership trying to compete with their more experienced competition. They have no idea of the real world, and when problems arise, they are a lost cause from the very start. If the thought of ‘PAC code’ and Asda Mobile / EE is going through your head, please think about something else. Seriously.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 16 October 2015 at 01:12 Permalink

      There must be grounds for legal action in SCC here if it’s really worth £1000.

      • Steve 29 November 2015 at 19:27 Permalink

        Can’t be that cherished if you don’t use it! serves you right really it amazes me but its your fault not the networks

  4. Richard 10 July 2015 at 00:57 Permalink

    I’ve recently joined and I have to say I’m really impressed with the service I’m getting. I use my landline for nearly all calls so I only needed a mobile for emergencies or whilst out and about. I also need it for texting. I use the £5 bundle and get 100 minutes and 2000 texts per 30 days. I use about 40 minutes and an average of about 400-600 texts a month. I don’t use the data as I use my desktop for internet. I’m also not bothered about apps like Whatsapp etc. The coverage is excellent and the price is great. Asda Mobile is ideal for people that only want a PAYG option and one that is cheap. I don’t know about their customer services as I’ve never phoned them. Hope my comments help!

  5. Mo McRae 17 December 2014 at 11:50 Permalink

    Since EE upgraded to 4G I have had no service from Asda mobile. THATS FIVE WEEKS NOW! When I phone customer services, I just get fobbed off

  6. richard roy 15 November 2014 at 10:02 Permalink

    Internet access is non existant even with 4 bars up on my iphone.
    Absolutely attrocious. I have decided rather have 1 bar signal with 3 and have internet access while wife shopping thanks.

    Asda internet sucks lemon rinds

  7. jamie 14 November 2014 at 23:40 Permalink

    i orderd a sim 1 month later it arived i took it out and tried to put it in my phone and it snapped i called customer services and they snt me out a new one and i got it in my phone and i went out i was in glasgow next minute my phone says no sim card inserted i check if there is a sim card in and it is in peices i will never use asda mobile again because of this.

  8. Thackley 8 April 2014 at 23:14 Permalink

    I have been an ASDA mobile customer for a good few years and after reading the problems on this and other sites I approached the changeover to EE with dread and nearly fled to Gifgaf untried. Am I glad I didn’t. The sim arrived three days after ordering it and having plucked up the courage to switch I held my breath and…. having followed ASDA’s clear instructions I was switched (including my original number), set up for internet, picture messaging etc. within two days! I had already carted my new sim (dual sim phone) around with me to check coverage and I found everywhere I went I had as good, if not better, coverage than the old ASDA mobile using Vodafone. I wonder whether all the one stars simply reflects a lack of feedback from those, like me, that have found the process painless. I have to say that having had no problems I have not tried the customer services aspect and so cannot comment on this (yet!)

  9. Deborah Dodds 21 February 2014 at 12:37 Permalink

    A nightmare since the EE changeover. Took almost 3 weeks and numerous phone calls (big queues) to get my existing number brought over, and now problems using it abroad.

    I was hospitalized in Austria for over two weeks and my family had to leave me there alone, but my phone would not take incoming calls (they all went straight to voicemail) Texts were ok but I had to make a lot of calls to my insurance company. Luckily we realised we had a problem before my family left and I had my sons (Orange) phone to use.

    Customer services suggested it “might” be because they do not have an agreement with the network I had picked up (although I did receive the “welcome” text outlining the charges etc on arrival. had specifically asked before the holiday if the phone would be ok abroad becaused I had my doubts and was told it would be fine!!

    Steer well clear…..

  10. anthony connolly 14 January 2014 at 11:57 Permalink

    To everyone who is struggling with the change from vodaphone to EE. I waited a month, but finally got it done. Try this:

    If your number has not gone through within the stated 2-5 days, call customer services and ask for PAT BROOKS or ANDREW CARR. These are the two managers. They can arrange for your number to be put through MANUALLY. Do NOT take no for an answer. They did it for me. If they won’t do it for you, demand to know why you are being discriminated against. They CAN do it.

    Once your number is re-connected, you can simply ask them for your PAC code and move to somewhere else, if, like me, you no longer wish to stay with Asdamobile.

    You do not have to pay for calls to Customer Services from a land-line. There is a free phone option.

    The number you need is 0800 952 0101. Then select option 1, option 3, option 4, then finally option 1. This will get you through to Asda mobile customer Services.

  11. Anthony Bennett 14 January 2014 at 11:42 Permalink

    I am still trying to complete asda mobile changeover to EE. I am at the point of giving up and cutting my losses and going to another provider. I have spent hours on the phone to asda, this has been going on since 22nd december 2013 and they still can`t tell me when the changeover will be completed.I think they will be losing lots of customers from what used to be a good service.

    After being on the phone to their helpline i think i almst lost the will to live.

  12. William Davice 11 January 2014 at 09:20 Permalink

    I have now managed to complete ASDA’s changeover to EE network – BUT it has not been easy! Their helpline number is under-manned (up to 50 minutes wait) and they don’t reply to emails. In the end I wrote to ASDA CEO Andy Clarke, who bounced the contact back to the call centre. At least they then phoned me and offered to help.They admitted that they were overstretched and that communication between different parts of the business were poor. The changeover project is being very badly managed and will continue in crisis until April when their Vodaphone link finally closes. After that they promise a better 2G service (their 3G coverage is poor) and helpline, but they may well not have many customers left! Sad really as they used to provide a good cheap basic service.

  13. anthony connolly 9 January 2014 at 20:29 Permalink

    Asda mobile are having horrendous problems at the moment.

    The changeover from Vodaphone to EE has been a disaster. I have now been without my number for over 4 weeks. I have had to buy a new sim (NOT with asda, I hasten to add), and inform everyone I know and have dealings with about my change of number. This whole episode has cost me a fortune in both time and money.

    The position as of today is that Asdamobile STILL cannot give a resolution date. I have been promised callbacks, and haven’t received them. They have promised a “goodwill gesture”, but nothing so far has materialised.

    If you are having problems with Asda Mobile, I suggest you cut your losses and get out while you are still sane. Resolving your problems is NOT a priority for them.

    I have reported all this to the national press, national radio, Ofcom and the Ombudsman. Watch this space!

    See and for more on this matter.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 9 January 2014 at 20:34 Permalink

      That’s a shame. Vodafone were always fairly reliable. What’s their excuse for the loss of service?

      • anthony connolly 9 January 2014 at 20:36 Permalink

        The service with vodaphone WAS reliable. It is the change to EE that has caused all the problems.

  14. philip 9 January 2014 at 19:06 Permalink

    my wife has had a text from asda to say that she will not be able to top up after the end of jan 2014 and the phone would not work on the network after april 2014 , No other information was included, whats going on here??

  15. anthony connolly 22 December 2013 at 17:09 Permalink

    Asda mobile customer services are a joke. Big, big problems with their transfer from vodaphone to EE. Average wait for customer services = 30+minutes. Length of time for number to port over – up to two weeks = two weeks without a fully functioning service.
    Avoid them at all costs.

  16. cliff 16 December 2013 at 19:12 Permalink

    According to Asda mobile all of their phones sold for use on Asda mobile after a certain date are unlocked. If you have an older one (I do – Alcatel OT-C550) they say they will give you an unlock code (without it the new SIM will not work). On their website you put in the IMEI number and it might give you a code, if it does not (mine did not) you have to phone them on a 0845 number (I tried doing it on their usual 2732 number but they said I had to ring the 0845 number). After waiting in the queue(which gives no info on how long the queue is) for 29 minutes I was cut off as it had used all of my remaining credit. Bearing in mind any credit you have on the old SIM is lost when you switch, they will not transfer credit to the new SIM, I am obviously not keen to put more credit on my old SIM and how much would I need anyway just to get through to them.
    I tried emailing them and pointed out they took all of my credit with their queue. The acknowledgement said they would reply within 24 hours. It took them 49 hours to reply and they told me I had to phone them.
    It does seem unreasonable that we have to pay per minute for calls to arrange to get their new SIM working and that it appears they will not deal with it by email.
    Perhaps it’s all designed to make me give up and buy a new phone.

  17. john 10 December 2013 at 12:10 Permalink

    having joined ASDA a couple of months ago i have experienced nothing but trouble, first of all the automation system for topping up phone with voucher did’nt work, then i asked for a top up card (i recieved 5 cards in total ) they were all invalid !!, when i changed over to a new ASDA EE sim card i asked to transfer my old number over, well one week later and i am still waiting, i have phoned ASDA helpline 3 times about this and frankly the advisors are just liars, i asked them to remove the call barring from my network 3 times and its still there ( why on earth they put call barring on the EE network is beyond me !!!!, and also there Helpline is so painfully slow, i have to wait between 10 and 20 mins to get through to a advisor… i have decided to quit ASDA mobile and switch over to Sainsburys Mobile which is 100 times more efficiant than ASDA…which are the worst mobile network provider ever.

  18. Mike Sear 21 July 2013 at 10:26 Permalink

    I had two Asda mobile numbers and had no complaints except for patchy coverage so I ported one to another supplier. I found out that vodafone/asda calls cannot now be accepted on it although all others seem ok. I contacted my new supplier and they traced it to the switchover from Asda. I contacted Asda on my other Asda mobile several times and they are totally disinterested, promise to check it out and get back to me but nothing after 10 days. They are quite happy to accept my 25p every time I call though

  19. Alan 29 June 2013 at 09:59 Permalink

    Very poor service. They are only open for support between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 2 July 2013 at 11:28 Permalink

      Do they have any other means of contacting them other than by phone? And does it still cost money?

      • Alan 2 July 2013 at 18:10 Permalink

        Yes, they try every means possible so that you cannot contact them!

        • Mobile Network Comparison 3 July 2013 at 12:57 Permalink

          What issue did you need to sort out?

          • anthony connolly 9 January 2014 at 20:31 Permalink

            Their website ( has a “Contact Us” button where you can send an e-mail comment or complaint. I have e-mailed 8 times and received no replies whatsoever. It’s a fake.

            • Mobile Network Comparison 9 January 2014 at 20:33 Permalink

              What about calling them?

              • anthony connolly 9 January 2014 at 20:34 Permalink

                As with all the other replies, it can take 20 – 30 minutes to get through on a premium rate number. I have spent a fortune calling them, and my problem is still not resolved.

                • anthony connolly 10 January 2014 at 16:01 Permalink

                  According to the customer Services Manager, calls cost 25p per call from a mobile. Not sure about land-lines, but they can be called free from a landline on 0800 952 0101, option 1, option 3, option 4, option 1.
                  They still do not know when e-mails will be answered.

  20. john 10 June 2013 at 10:54 Permalink

    i gave them my PAC code on thursday and was assured my number would be transferred across by 4pm friday. my old (vodafone) phone stopped working friday morning but my asda mobile wouldn’t work until monday morning! i rang asda mobile several times and was assured each time that my no. would be transferred across asap. if i’d known i’d have lost so many calls i would never have changed networks! btw asda’s “compensation” was £1!!!

  21. phil 20 May 2013 at 19:35 Permalink

    Do not buy. I have been on asda mobile for 5 months now. Every month when I try to purchase a bundle I am unable to. The helpline is the worst going and my last message to them has not been replied to and its been a week now. WORST NETWORK GOING, BE WARNED. I will be changing to a better network as soon as my credit runs out.

  22. ryan-peg 19 October 2012 at 13:02 Permalink

    complete waste of money on pay as you go internet keeps switching off (8 times in 6 weeks) you cant tell how many minutes or texts you have left and the help centre are no good whatsoever they told me it was my phone settings which havent been changed once i am changing back to vodafone with immediate effect

  23. Bob 29 February 2012 at 12:36 Permalink

    I read the ASDA mobile website, and bought a bundle tariff for £25. I then found that I was told I had no credit to call the ASDA helpline and when attempting to send texts abroad it just wouldn’t work.
    Called the helpline on landline, and told these bundles only work for UK use and that they also do not work for the helpline in order to save me money by not allowing me to use my bundle purchase. When I said how ridiculous it was, and how the website did not say this (the webpage for using the phone abroad especially does not state this), and then requested a refund to put my money back to standard tariff, the customer service man eventually agreed after a few comments of his own.

    So ASDA need far clearer advertising/terms of use – and less sarcastic customer service staff.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 29 February 2012 at 12:39 Permalink

      To be fair to ASDA, it’s standard practise for all mobile networks to only include UK usages in packages as roaming costs them a lot more.

  24. Hilary 25 February 2012 at 12:31 Permalink

    I have been delighted with PAYG Asda. My kids have left home so my mobile calls are few and very short. I text my friends to arrange to met them etc, but again very light usage. As someone says you have to top up in an Asda, so watch that before going abroad where I would only use it for emergencies. I use perhaps £60 per YEAR and have had great coverage.

  25. John 7 December 2011 at 06:45 Permalink

    Asda Mobile is complete Rubbish. After joining Asda Mobile I was unable to receive any calls. Their customer service is complete shit.

  26. John 15 October 2011 at 17:24 Permalink

    My wife changed from Asda to GiffGaff recently and when she rang for a PAC code the man in Asda Mobile customer services said she must top up before the code can be issued. She argued with him as she had credit anyway! He insisted she MUST top up, she argued politly that this wasn’t ness and he put the phone down! Another call to a different person confirmed that no top up was required.
    Now why did the first operator insist on a top up and then closed the call when he realised it was not going to work? The second operator was quite concerned and took all the details of the previous call.

  27. Jane 14 October 2011 at 11:57 Permalink

    These bundles are great, but you have to purchase the correct one.. if you use up all your bundle within 30 days you cannot buy another one! I have had to use my phone a lot because of an unforeseen family problem… I have used my bundles that normally are fine, but now have to wait another 10 days before I can by another one! Have decided that at time to leave Asda!

  28. Jim 9 September 2011 at 20:35 Permalink

    I have ASDA Sim and I do top up at my Barclays ATM. Asda is listed under ‘other’ mobile networks on the ATM menu

  29. Gary 15 July 2011 at 18:36 Permalink

    Based N. Tyneside (NE28)which is a bit of a dead spot for some reason, currently with Orange signal OK outside no signal indoors, T-Mobile much the same not tried O2 or 3 but I know Vodafone is good signal so that’s why I am buying Asda 🙂

  30. Gary 14 July 2011 at 19:54 Permalink

    Do PAYG top-ups expire? I don;t use the phone that much most networks seem to expire after 30 days so I I add £10 I can end up losing half of it!

    • Mobile Network Comparison 14 July 2011 at 20:20 Permalink

      Credit does not expire as long as a chargeable event is made every 3 months.

      • Gary 14 July 2011 at 20:40 Permalink

        Excellent, off to Asda tomorrow to get one of these then 🙂

        • Mobile Network Comparison 14 July 2011 at 20:41 Permalink

          Have you looked into other budget networks like Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Vectone and TalkMobile?

          • Gary 14 July 2011 at 21:08 Permalink

            Yes but my problem is at work mobile signal is very bad except for Vodafone so Asda seems the best bet. Thanks for all the help.

    • paul 15 May 2013 at 21:18 Permalink

      yeh they will expire but as i use my phone all the time it dout matter but u might be better off with just going for the normal pay as u go

  31. andy 6 July 2011 at 06:21 Permalink

    True about uk..but calls to poland are expensive

    • Mobile Network Comparison 6 July 2011 at 18:10 Permalink

      True – if you need to make cheap international calls, ASDA Mobile isn’t the best choice. Have you looked at Lebara Mobile and LycaMobile at all?

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