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Giffgaff nano-SIM for iPhone 5 and iPad mini with £5 free credit

Using the brand-new iPhone 5 or the iPad mini on bargain mobile networks such as Giffgaff is a little tricky. If you you want to buy an unlocked/SIM-free iPhone 5 or iPad mini you’ll run into a bit of a snag as they requires a new SIM card form factor – the tiny nano-SIM. The new nano-SIMs are smaller even than micro-SIMs and, to complicate things further, they are thinner too so you can’t convert existing SIM cards.

While they now make their own micro-SIMs, Giffgaff won’t be offering nano-SIMs for months (possibly longer due to delays). Because you can’t simply cut down regular SIM cards to smaller size there’s no easy way to make them yourself.

However, we have invested in specialist machinery to produce Giffgaff nano-SIM cards and have been offering them exclusively since the launch of the iPhone 5. If you want to order a Giffgaff nano-SIM with £5 free credit, simply click here or on the banner below::

Free Giffgaff SIM card


Is it cheaper to get a iPhone 5 on Giffgaff or on a contract?

Over the course of a 24 month contract with any UK network you’re going to be paying about £1000 for your iPhone 5 even if you only get the 16GB model. If you buy it SIM-free and use it on Giffgaff instead, it will only cost an initial fee of £529 to start with plus whatever PAYG charges you incur. With the £12 monthly goodybag coming with unlimited free Giffgaff-to-Giffgaff calls and texts, 250 inclusive minutes and completely unlimited texts and web, you’ll get a much better deal than contracts costing £40/month or more. And over the 2 year contract you’ll only pay £288 which makes the total cost of ownership just £817 over two years. Not only will you save hundreds compared to other mobile networks but you’ll also not be locked in for years and will probably get a better deal too.

How cheap is Giffgaff?

As you can see from the table below, your credit goes a long way with Giffgaff and they offer fantastic value compared to other UK networks.

Network Calls SMS Data MMS 0800 Voicemail
Giffgaff 15p 5p 1p/MB 16p 0p 8p
O2 5p 5p 1p/MB 25p 15p 15p
T-Mobile 30p 12p 6p/MB 30p 40p 20p
Vodafone 30p 14p 4p/MB 36p 0p 21p
Orange 25p 12p 8p/MB 40p 25p 25p

How much does data cost on the iPhone 5 with Giffgaff?

Giffgaff have easily the cheapest data offers available in the UK. Data starts at just 1p/MB for your first 20MB each day. If you require more, it’s best to get a £12 goodybag that comes with unlimited data. And this is truly unlimited data unlike that on other carriers with hidden fair use policies buried in the small print. Even better, you also get 250 any-network minutes and unlimited texts included in your £10 goodybag. As Giffgaff (like O2, Vodafone and 3) don’t have a live 4G network yet you will only get 3.5G speeds (although this is still probably faster than your home broadband!)

For more details as to how all of Giffgaff’s prices compare, check out our full PAYG price comparison table.

How much does data cost on the iPad mini with Giffgaff?

Now Giffgaff is offering data-only gigabags, it’s easy to use tablets like the iPad mini on the budget network. And you’ll get probably the best deal in the UK too. There are three gigabags currently available from Giffgaff – the £5 one comes with 500MB of data, the £7.50 one gives you 1GB and if you buy the £12.50 gigabag you’ll get a monthly allowance of 3GB of mobile internet. Remember that you can’t use normal goodybags on tablets, only the gigabags or PAYG options.

How do I use Giffgaff on my iPhone 5 or iPad mini?

Both the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini work great on Giffgaff. First you must ensure that your iPhone or iPad is either unlocked or on O2. Next, simply go to the Home Screen then tap Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network and input the following settings:

Cellular Data:
Username: giffgaff
Password: password

Username: giffgaff
Password: password
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 307200
MMS UA Prof URL: [Blank]

Your iPhone will now be fully set-up with Giffgaff! Visual Voicemail won’t work but there are free alternatives and calls, SMS and MMS messages, mobile data and Facetime all work correctly.

You might also want to check out the giffgaffer’s guide to iPhone 4 and the MyGiffGaff app.

What is a nano-SIM?

A nano-SIM is just a different form-factor – it’s smaller than a a regular SIM card (called a micro-SIM) and smaller than a micro-SIM too. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and it is a small microchip that stores information for a mobile phone. It contains information about your network account allows your phone to communicate with your mobile network.

Originally SIM cards used to be as big as credit cards but they soon got cut down to the normal size we are used to today. The tiny nano-SIMs were introduced to leave even more room for other components inside the iPhone 5.

Can I transfer my credit from my existing SIM to my nano-SIM?

No, unfortunately not. There is currently no way to transfer Giffgaff credit between accounts. If you order a nano-SIM from us, you should prepared to start an entirely new Giffgaff account.

Are the nano-SIMs cut with scissors?

No. All Giffgaff nano-SIMs are produced as nano-SIMs – they are not cut-down micro-SIMs. This ensures they will fit perfectly in your device.

How long does the nano-SIM take to arrive?

All nano-SIMs are sent by Royal Mail and usually go out within 24 hours of submitting your an order. They typically arrive in a couple of days. Be patient though – it’s worth waiting for.

How do I bring my number with me?

It’s very simple to ask the agents on the Giffgaff website to port your old number over and it usually only takes one working day. For more information, check out our guide to PAC codes and porting your mobile number.

How do I activate my nano-SIM?

To activate your SIM and start using Giffgaff and enjoying free calls and texts, all you need to do is top-up £10 worth of credit. You even have to option to directly top-up with a goodybag or to buy a goodybag with your credit. And don’t forget – if you order your SIM through the link here you’ll get £5 free credit meaning your £10 top-up will actually buy you £15!

Where can I get a regular SIM card or micro-SIM?

As all Giffgaff SIM cards are dual micro-and-regular hybrids, you can head over to our free Giffgaff SIM card page to order yours now. Remember, all Giffgaff SIMs ordered through this website come with £5 free credit!

by Jon M

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    Just to let everyone know, we’ve finished our testing of the new Giffgaff nano-SIMs and will be sending them out now and over the weekend. For the time being please continue to leave a comment here if you want one while we build a proper order form. Feel free to ask questions too.

    For updates and tips, please make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter. Thanks 🙂

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    When is this happening though- we need dates and times. I’ve heard enough empty promises from all the other networks.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 17 September 2012 at 19:48 Permalink

      All being well we’ll have working SIMs being sent out first class the week the new iPhone 5 comes out. However, we don’t want to promise what we can’t deliver or send out faulty SIMs. If we find problems in the process we will delay until we can ensure that everyone is getting a working SIM.

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        No, orders from Giffgaff will only give you a dual micro-SIM/normal SIM. Only by making an order through this page will you get a nano-SIM. At the moment we’re not quite ready to send SIMs out yet so you can just register your interest by leaving a comment and signing up to the newsletter. Thanks 🙂

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