23 May 2017 ~ 2 Comments

TPO leads the pack for monthly bundles

With 4G finally becoming ubiquitous in the UK and smartphone-ownership at a new high, we thought it was time to take a look at the best value rolling bundles currently available on the market. We’ve always been a site that aims to save you money and PAYG rates simply don’t offer the value of SIM-only monthly bundles for the majority of users’ needs any more. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best priced monthly packages currently available on the UK market.

We’ll be rounding up the offers with at least 2GB of data per month. Why this size of bundle? 2GB of monthly data is plenty for the average customer’s browsing habits and, we think, is also at the price point that offers the best ratio of allowance to hard-earned cash.

It’s almost the weekend, so we’ll start off right away with the good stuff. In our opinion, the best choice for almost everyone is the TPO 2GB Goodness Plan which comes in at a bargain £6.99. For this, you get a generous 600 any-network minutes and completely unlimited texts too.

TPO have been featured on this site a few times before and we’ve seen them consistently offer some of the most competitive monthly bundles on the market. Since they launched 4G last year, we’ve been happy to recommend them as an ethical and price-conscious choice.

TPO operates on the Three network (rated most reliable in the UK) and boasts 98.5% coverage and they also have great in-house customer support so you’re not compromising on service. They save money by avoiding flashy billboards — this also means that 10% of everything you spend with them goes to any cause or charity you choose, at no additional cost to you. Grab it while it’s hot!

Another offer that is worth mentioning in this round-up comes from iD Mobile. While it is a new network and doesn’t have the greatest of reputations, they do have well-priced deals with a £7.50 bundle that lasts 30 days and gives you 2GB of 4G data, 500 mins and 5000 texts which is as good as unlimited for all but the most dedicated finger-tappers. They also run on Three and allow data rollover which is a plus.

If you don’t have Three signal where you live, you might have no choice to go with an alternative MVNO. The next best offering is Giffgaff and, surprisingly, they are really not competitive at all. While price hikes have been a trend over at Giffgaff over the last two years, it is quite a shock how far off the rest of the top end of the market they are. If you want a monthly data allowance of 2GB you’ll get unlimited texts but will only have 500 included minutes. Worst of all, the goodybag costs over 40% more than TPO coming in at a pricey £10/month.

But, to summarise, TPO offers by far the best price and comes with strong credentials and customer feedback. For just £6.99 a month, 2GB of data, 600 minutes, unlimited texts and knowing that you’re supporting an ethical network is about as good as it gets. TPO also love it when you spread the goodness. When you refer a friend to their service, you and your friend get £5 credit, completely free. That means they not only get to enjoy all the great TPO perks you do but you both get to support good causes with your phone together. You can find out more about this and other rewards when you sign up.

So if you want the cheapest 2GB rolling bundle and the feel-good factor of helping some great causes, what are you waiting for?

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06 August 2015 ~ 13 Comments

Giffgaff upgrade all goodbags to 4G

giffgaff goodybags 2015

Giffgaff announced another set of changes do their range of goodybag monthly bundles this week. Some of the major changes include the phasing out of cheaper 3G only goodybags and the introduction of a new £20 goodybag will unlimited minutes, texts and slightly less unlimited “Always On” 4G data. The new goodybags will be available for purchase from 2 September 2015.

The changes are being implemented following a large market-research campaign that gathered opinions from their whole customer base about the most important aspects of the popular goodybags.

Among the results of this user survey, Giffgaff recorded strong preferences for high-speed data and not having to pay a premium for 4G access. Heavy users also were pleased with the new ability to buy additional goodybags before the end of the month once the allowance for one had been used up but also requested options with more minutes included from the start.

Another change Giffgaff have implemented in response to the
feedback they received is the introduction of what they have termed “Always On” data. It’s not quite as good as the truly unlimited packages from days past, but it appears to be a reasonable compromise.

Users who opt for the most expensive goodybag which cost £20 per month will get completely unlimited UK minutes and UK texts as well as 6GB of 4G data. Once that allowance has been used up, you won’t be cut off from mobile internet – instead you’ll have unlimited usage from midnight to 8am but at peak times, any bandwidth in excess of that 6GB allowance will be throttled back to a snail-paced 256Kb/s. Of course, you can always purchase extra allowance and, best of all, you can still tether your phone’s data connection at any time.

The existing goodybags will be phased out over the coming months in preparation for the launch of the new range at the beginning of September. As well as changing the regular goodybags which bundle together an allowance of minutes, texts and data, Giffgaff are also converting all their gigabags – data only bundles – to the faster 4G standard.

Are you a Giffgaff user? Do you user the regular PAYG option or do you regularly buy a goodybag? And do these changes affect you – what are your thoughts on them? What do you think is good about them and what would you have preferred?

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17 October 2013 ~ 6 Comments

Unlimited everything with The People’s Operator

tpo unlimited everything

Ever wish you could save loads of money with a better mobile deal and make a difference at the same time? With The People’s Operator, UK mobile users can do just that and there’s no better time to get involved that now as they have just launched their new “Unlimited Deal”. Could this be the best offer currently on the market? In what must be a UK first, they are currently offering completely unlimited calls, texts and data – unlimited everything for just £14.99/month.

TPO have turned talking into a force for good by building a network that’s hardwired to support charity causes, converting its calls, text and data into donations – at no cost to its customers. They direct 10% of your monthly mobile bill to a cause or charity of your choice. It costs you nothing extra and is a great way to do your bit. Add to that the massive value of the Unlimited Deal and a responsible approach to running their business and you’ve got a new kind of mobile offer to be reckoned with.

How do they manage to do this without taking extra from your bank balance? They promise to match their fundraising ambitions with customer value and, like Giffgaff, they do this by cutting back on unnecessary overheads and flashy advertising. So while you won’t find them yelling at you from giant billboards or assaulting you on the high-street dressed as massive rubber phones, you will find their deals are better than the big guys. Which means you get better value on your minutes, messages and megabytes and also make it really easy to help the charity you care about the most.

At the moment, TPO are offering both a PAYG tariff as well as a monthly SIM-only rolling contract. But it’s their brand new Unlimited Everything 30 day rolling contract that has caught our attention. It’s a great new package – offering unlimited Talk, Text and Data for just £14.99. Plus while you’re chatting away, you can choose to support a good cause for free – if you have a charity you’d like to help, TPO will give 10p to a cause of your choice for every £1 you spend at no cost to you. There is a fair usage policy but it’s incredibly generous for the money and, with the fantastic low price of £14.99 and the added bonus of helping good causes for free, it’s ridiculously tempting.

TPO say that good business isn’t about making gestures, it’s about having a positive impact. That’s why they’ve built their network from the bottom up to do business right. Their customers come before shareholders and – as well as pledging 10% for customer who want to do their bit – they’re also committed to sharing a quarter of their profits every year with worthwhile causes through the TPO Foundation.

If your existing network is letting you down, or you simply want a change, switching over to the network is very easy indeed and you can keep your existing phone number. TPO also runs on EE, the UK’s largest 3G network, so you get excellent coverage across the country.

So, if you’re interested making the leap over to The People’s Operator and “turning your calls into kindness” why not grab their Unlimited Everything Package today while it’s still available (the offer ends on 5 November).

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