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20 July 20172 Comments by Jon M

Google Pixel 2 – Will it live up to expectations?

The latest offering from Google promises a lot. Will the search engine giant finally be able to compete with the best from Samsung and Apple? The LG G6 is also up there with the top two, so Google will have to create real magic to claim the top smartphone crown.

The Pixel 2 will probably be launched in October, twelve months after the launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. It is assumed that Google will launch the new phone around the anniversary of the launch of its predecessors.

At this stage all we have are rumours, but the phone is no longer under development and is now undergoing extensive testing and fine-tuning prior to its launch. This means that the review handset doing the rounds behind closed doors will be almost exactly what we can expect to see in October. Does the Google Pixel 2 have the features to make it a winner?

Google owns its own cloud services, and the Pixel 2 will more than likely continue with unlimited full resolution cloud backups of all photos and videos taken. The phone will also get immediate Android OS updates within none of the performance annoyances many other Android phones have to deal with.

An excellent camera is essential for a premium smartphone, and the Pixel phone fulfils expectations by being both fast and producing top quality images. It offers the added bonus that it is extremely easy to deliver winning shots repeatedly.

Superb all-round performance is one of the most important requirements a smartphone needs if it has aspirations to be the best phone in its class. This is where the Pixel 2 does not disappoint. It offers instant response and consistent smoothness which is unmatched by any other Android phone. Add this to a very impressive battery life and you have the makings of a giant killer. The Pixel’s battery gives all day performance without worry about regular top ups. The Pixel 2 is also likely to have a waterproof design, which has become the standard in upmarket phones.

Where does the Pixel 2 lose ground against the current leaders of the smartphone race? The most obvious feature which is lacking is the wow factor in its design. The Pixel 2 needs some excitement in its visual packagin. There is no denying that both the Samsung and the Apple deliver desirable phones. Their designs make a statement, and at this stage, the Pixel 2 does not look the part. It is not unattractive, but it is not exceptional, and a top phone needs to be exceptional.

What will the Pixel 2 cost in the UK? Initial speculation is that the Pixel 2 will apparently carry a loftier price tag than its predecessors – something we hope doesn’t turn out to be true. The old one started at £599 (or £719 for the XL version) so it was already quite expensive.

How much would you pay for one?

2 Responses to “Google Pixel 2 – Will it live up to expectations?”

  1. Ronnie 21 July 2017 at 06:06 Permalink

    Speaking of Amazon’s Fire phone,I had one and as much as it was a reasonably good phone,it was no better than a good quality budget phone from say,Motorola.
    The Pixel sort of falls into that category too.
    As much as I wouldn’t have one the Samsung S8 would and will appeal to the wider younger generation.
    Yip ,the Millenials are a very image conscious metrosexual southern softie bunch of snowflakes.
    Even up here in the North 😉

  2. Ronnie 21 July 2017 at 05:56 Permalink

    You touched on the design in the article and that about sums it up.
    Very generic and not very inspiring.
    The anticipated price tag also reminds of Amazon’s attempt to take on the so called big guns with their Fire smartphone.
    In other words,they have priced themselves out of the market with the Pixel (which is an awful name far too close to Alcatel’s Pixie)
    People in the know and care not for style over substance would probably buy it,but the wider younger market ?
    Not a chance.

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