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The Co-operative Mobile coverage

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2G coverage: 99%3G coverage: 98%

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The Co-operative Mobile is a virtual network that to use EE as their parent network. They’re run by the Co-Operative group and offer very cheap calls and texts as well as further discounts to other number on the same network. You can view their coverage map here.

You might also want to have a look at how strong their coverage from EE is in relation to that of other networks. We’d also suggest comparing their pricing against other PAYG mobile networks.

by Jon M

9 Responses to “The Co-operative Mobile coverage”

  1. Dave Coop 5 January 2017 at 20:22 Permalink

    Ah but can you get a pint of milj and a loaf of bread at the Vodafone shop ?

  2. Jem 20 June 2016 at 16:03 Permalink

    One of the best PAYG rates for EU calls from UK: 4p/min compared with 25p/min for Tesco & ASDA.

  3. pierre 25 February 2016 at 15:28 Permalink

    Very good service & great signal.Good PAYG prices & bundles.Gave them my PAC code from previous network & number was transferred over quickly.Highly recommended.

  4. Pierre 18 January 2016 at 22:37 Permalink

    The website is confusing.It not clear if you can just top up on a standard payg tariff and just use the credit as & when you wish or if you have to buy monthly bundles?If the sims came with a top up card it would be more attractive!Can any one clarify the PAYG with Co op mobile please.

  5. peter 9 December 2015 at 17:34 Permalink

    Having seen the cheap rates offered by Coop I thought I would give them a try. Went to the local Coop shop and bough a sim card and asked for a £5 top up voucher which was quite an ordeal as the sales assistant didn’t know how to obtain a voucher from the till. A manager was called and opened up the packaging for the sim card looking for something????. I explained that for Virgin top ups I go across the road to the local newsagent and buy a voucher which is printed from the till. She then must have realised you need to access paypoint and printed out a voucher.
    It was all systems go now to put in the new sim card, activate and add credit.With that done on the evening I tested the phone and the email and phone appeared to be working ok. However when I tried to activate voicemail by dialing 555 as per the instructions in the sim pack I got through to someone speaking in french. When someone rang me on the coop number they also got through to a french message if I didnt answer. I duly phoned customer service and explained that unable to set up voicemail. I was told that as french provider they had all gone home by now but will sort out the following day. The next day I was still getting through to a french message on voicemail and again rang customer service, After several attempts I finally got through and explained my problem and the previous nights conversation with her colleague. She revealed that the system was having some problems and it would be several days before it was sorted out.When I told get that her colleague had advised me it would be sorted today she advised me that her colleague was wrong to tell me that it would be sorted the next day.I was also not happy that out of the £5 top up a considerable amount had been spent testing the phone voicemail, trying to work the voicemail and contacting customer services. She advised me that there is nothing that she could do and all I had to do was wait until the voicemail problem was fixed which could be a few days. Having been used to Virgin customer services the difference in massive as Virgin tend to sort out problems whilst on the phone to them whilst with Coop its a case of passing the buck and getting you off the phone. As you can imagine not impressed with Coop so far and it would help if they employed someone with some technical knowledge and not a call centre operator. Good news is that my giff gaff sim is on its way so probably bye bye coop

  6. Malcolm 30 May 2015 at 15:32 Permalink

    Coop Pay as You Go Mobile is very cheap.

    And it’s cheap for a reason – their customer service people are absolutely hopeless and just bleat about ‘passing things on to the supplier’ – part of EE. They don’t know or understand anything and that’s probably because it is ‘The Coop’ and like most non-commercial organisations like local authorities etc they probably employ the kind of people who couldn’t get a job in a proper company.

    A recent example of how useless they are:
    On Friday evening I accidentally created an ‘access code’ for my voicemail and As I didn’t know what I had entered I could no longer listen to my voicemail. It actually shows how crap their scripting is that someone just accidentally hitting a wrong button on a smartphone can do that. So I emailed them – because they’d gone home!

    Then I called the next morning and some lady just took my number and said she’d call back in about an hour once the access code had been removed. Note she failed to even verify my identity. So I called again and another one did so and said it might take a few hours. By 3.00pm on Saturday it still was not working so I called again…and was told that their people at EE DON’T EVEN WORK ON SATURDAYS! And she said maybe the other women ‘didn’t think it was relevant to mention this’
    Avoid them.

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