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Delight Mobile Coverage

Delight Mobile


2G coverage: 99%3G coverage: 93%

Coverage map

Delight Mobile is a virtual network that uses the Everything Everywhere network that is run by Orange and T-Mobile. As you can use the cell towers of both of these providers, this means that it has amazing 2G and 3G coverage across almost all of the UK. Call quality is also consistently great. You can check the Delight Mobile coverage map to find out about the signal strength in your local area.

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Delight Mobile has been running since 2011. It is basically a parallel rebranded version of the low-price Vectone Mobile. They are both owned by the same company and both run on EE. Originally they attempted to differentiate themselves from Vectone by disguising their prices under a slightly opaque triple-credit deal but now they just advertising exactly the same pricing as Vectone. The only difference is the name. With some of the lowest prices in the country for PAYG calls and texts, Delight Mobile is a decent choice. They also do well at offering competitive rates for calls to other countries which has made them popular amongst ex-pat communities.

For more information, compare Delight Mobile’s coverage with other networks’ mobile coverage or check out our complete Delight Mobile review.

by Jon M

2 Responses to “Delight Mobile Coverage”

  1. Brett Botting 3 February 2016 at 06:22 Permalink

    No you can’t use ANY sim but a EE sim ln a blocked we phone you have to tale it to a store and get the EE phone unblocked or just get a new unblocked phone you can get one really cheap on e bay
    Also you should contact delight about your problems with the sim and they will help you to set your

  2. Gail 23 November 2015 at 21:12 Permalink

    I switched to Delight as Sainsbury’s will be shutting down its mobile service; on the good side, it’s the cheapest option for PAYG calls and texts – I’m a fairly light user, so not worth going for a contract with anyone. On the bad side …. every few hours my inbox, sent and draft items get wiped/just disappear. And for at least a couple of hours a day I just get “No access” displayed on my phone and can’t make or received calls or texts.

    I’m going to stick with it for now and see if it improves – there’s a limit to how much I’m willing to compromise reliability for price!

    On another point – I’m currently using an old unlocked phone – does anyone know (know for certain, not just guessing please!) if I can use my Delight sim card in a phone locked to EE? Thanks.

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