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01 August 20111 Comment by Jon M

Join Giffgaff for dirt cheap calls and to rescue chickens

Giffgaff are considering stepping up the pressure on their rivals by not only offering the best PAYG tariff in the UK but also by being the most ethical mobile phone company around. One of their “core values” (subtly cribbed from John Stuart Mill) is to increase the collective good and they aim to have strong environmental and social values. Recently, they’ve been trying to come up with ways to put all this talk into action.

This all means that they want to launch a new scheme re-homing battery chickens. Apparently, their users had made a comparison between poor mobile phone users locked into usurious phone contracts or with locked handsets and battery hens stuck in their cages. Giffgaff wanted to show people that it was possible to break free of the carrier lock on mobile phone handsets and they wrote, “We want to free more people from contracts and let people know that unlocking a phone isn’t illegal.”

And so Giffgaff will be helping the animal charity Wood Green every time someone unlocks their phone to join them. For each person that unlocks their phone and joins Giffgaff through this campaign, a battery hen will be re-homed.

What a great idea, eh? And while they’re at it, let us take this opportunity to remind you to please only buy free range eggs 🙂

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