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28 November 20120 Comments by Jon M

Ofcom investigates PAC code refusal

Ofcom is investigating claims that Scotsphone has refused to provide PAC codes to a business customer. The Edinburgh operator uses Vodafone’s infrastructure and is reported to have prevented a user moving thirteen account away from the virtual network by refusing to give out PAC codes. Ofcom regulations decree that operators must provide PAC codes on demand.

Scotsphone is a Scottish business provider which deals with public and private sector contract using Vodafone, Orange and O2. It also sells business landline deals. The initial reports suggest that Scotsphone was reluctant to provide the PAC code due to an outstanding £500 bill. However, Ofcom regulations are clear that this is not a valid reason to deny a customer their PAC code. Scotsphone has admitted that there is an ongoing Ofcom investigation about this issue.

The dispute is said to stem from contested data charges. The customer, who doesn’t want to be identified, is refusing to pay the bill and, in turn, Scotsphone have not provided the PAC code that allows them to change network. Whoever’s in the right about the bill, Ofcom regulations about changing networks are clear. An unpaid bill is never justification for not handing over a PAC code.

It is claimed that the PAC codes were requested for 13 numbers multiple times but they were consistently denied. After that, the matter was referred to Ofcom. The official line is that PAC codes must be handed over “in the shortest possible time” – even allowing a reasonable amount of time, this is still generally considered to be immediately on a phone call. If the PAC is sent by SMS on email the time limit is two hours on a working day.

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