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18 November 20131 Comment by Jon M

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Zopo ZP980

How does the two year old £200 Samsung Galaxy S2 compare to the much newer £170 Zopo ZP980?

Sure the Zopo might have a 5″ 1080p full HD screen compared to the Samsung’s 4.3″ AMOLED. And it does have a quad-core CPU and higher-resolution cameras whereas the Galaxy S2 (i9100) is running the dated Exynos chipset and only has a dual core processor. However, the Samsung was the flasgship handset when it originally came out and it is running a Cortex A9 instead of a Cortex A7. Thanks to CyanogenMod, it’s also running Android 4.3 already while the Zopo is left lagging behind.

But can the S2 keep up with the new phone from China? Even though it still costs more to buy, is the Galaxy S2 actually any better than the ZP980? In the video above we subject both handsets to a rigorous benchmark test to check their processing speed, RAM performance and how good the graphics are on both their (very different screens).

For more information about the Zopo ZP980, please head over to check out our full in-depth handset review.

Which phone will win? Have the advances in mobile technology combined with the power of Android equalised the market so that Zopo can now compete evenly with Samsung? Has the Galaxy S2 had its day? Or is there still something to be said for the older device? Give us your predictions in the comments below then watch the video benchmark test for our full verdict.

One Response to “Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Zopo ZP980”

  1. Job CF 19 November 2013 at 08:16 Permalink

    An excellent comaprison of Samsung Galaxy S2 and Zopo ZP980.
    I have not personally owned an S2 before but have used it for a few days. So was very interested to read this review.

    Glad to see that MNC is exapnding in its coverage with its comprehensive reviews of phones; Chinese phones in particular. Don’t know of any other UK based website who does this. So keep up the good work!

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