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08 July 20149 Comments by Jon M

Is iCard Mobile in administration?

Update: Subsequent to publishing the below article, iCard’s insolvency notice was published in The London Gazette. So it’s now verified – as of 27 June 2014, iCard Mobile Limited have been in administration.

icard mobile administration

The mobile industry is awash with rumours that cut-price MVNO iCard Mobile is going out of business potentially leaving thousands of customers stranded. The budget virtual network is struggling with huge debts and insider sources are even claiming the company might already have gone into administration.

Our investigations have been unable to confirm anything so far, but iCard have looked a bit wobbly recently. The network was launched in September 2010 and is run by an established entity called iCard Telecom.

However, some of our readers reported that their website was completely down earlier in the week and others claimed that their calling cards suddenly stopped working. They also recently ended their free calls deal without any notification to customers. Whatever the true situation is behind the scenes, it appears that there might be major cashflow issues.

Other sources have made unconfirmed comments that their money woes have forced the network into receivership due to approximately £12 million of unpaid debts. The last accounts published by iCard do not confirm this yet even though their cash reserves were stated to stand at a paltry £10,000 against liability of almost £3 million.

Following the rapid collapse of OVIVO earlier in the year, it’s clear some virtual networks are struggling to surviving in the competitive UK market. Having said that, we’ve been unable to get any official comment from iCard Mobile so far so it must be stressed that this is just a rumour and nothing has been officially confirmed yet.


9 Responses to “Is iCard Mobile in administration?”

  1. Steve 24 February 2017 at 15:40 Permalink

    I too have been with icard for many years, not only has my top up credit gone but how do I get a PAC out of them now, I have had this mobile number for over 20 years and use it for business too?
    I know they went into liquidation 3 years ago but to suddenly drop everything without being able to contact them is disgraceful.

  2. Steven Leslie 19 February 2017 at 14:43 Permalink

    No longer able to make calls or text on this network although can still receive calls/texts, think perhaps they have gone under or they haven’t paid their carrier and outgoing has been blocked, customer service email is being returned as non deliverable, weirdly I could still buy a top up though, not tried customer service telephone number as I have no phone now but from earlier comment seems like that is a no go to…..AVOID

  3. Rob Redditch 18 January 2017 at 10:20 Permalink

    Absolutely disgusted – I can’t get in touch to get my PAC Code as my number is a Cherished number and looks like I’ve now lost it.
    Tried everything today even Offcomm.

    • Mobile Network Comparison 29 January 2017 at 16:07 Permalink

      What did Ofcom say?

    • Mobile Network Comparison 21 March 2017 at 18:28 Permalink

      Hi Rob, can you share what your response from Ofcom was please?

    • Rise 11 May 2017 at 16:19 Permalink

      If you search on you may get the same result as me that your number is hosted by Vodafone Network UK. If you speak to their “Porting”department and pass security, they will give you the PAC code. I unfortunately did not pass security (don’t know why) and have been told to go into store.

  4. KE 31 August 2014 at 05:44 Permalink

    Beware!! After almost 2 years of successful calling at honest reduced rates, I just learned that you cannot trust the rates posted on their Website!

    First, despite what is still posted on this Website, the basic UK call rate is 8p per minute and the text rate 10p per page (other networks, call types, and locations will vary according to their convoluted rate structures). Even their FAQs link takes you to their complex and confusing rates.php pages. Seems they no longer wish to help their remaining customers.

    Worse, despite what iCard Mobile plaster over their own site, they are now charging 5p per minute to check your voice mails. Voice mail calls are no longer free of charge and probably have not been for several months (explaining how my credit disappeared so much more quickly despite no lengthy calls).

    I’m off to search for alternatives. I do hope I can at least transfer my number before the company finally goes under.

    Administration is one thing–they don’t always lead to bankruptucy and closure–conning customers is another!

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